Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burrus: Don’t Want Ebola, Wear Surgical Masks For Protection

Cynthia Bailey is taking no chances when it comes to catching Ebola, and her Real Housewives Of Atlanta co-star Kandi Burrus feels the same way, according to TMZ. Cynthia Bailey came under fire when she posted the controversial photo to her social media account with the caption “better safe than sorry.” EurWeb was one of the first to break the story.

“I did put a mask on my very long flight I had the other day, and I got a lot of flack about it, a lot of flack. But, this is the thing, they’re still figuring this Ebola thing out.

She goes on to say that she didn’t want to take any chances, and that she was also suffering from symptoms of a tiny cold and didn’t want to infect the people who sat next to her on the international flight. Cynthia Bailey also wants people to know that she was not trying to make a statement.

“If I wanna wear a mask, I can wear a mask. To each his own,” the Atlanta Housewives reality star continued.

Many of her social media fans did not feel the same way, feeling that while she has the right to protect herself from spreading Ebola virus, she is also spreading misinformation about how the virus is actually spread. Here is what some of the commenters stated.

“You’ve disappointed me with this pic. It’s true what @Neneleakes said! YOU’VE changed.”

“WHY WOULD YOU POST THAT. Almost like your mocking the so many thousands of people dying. If you really did this it should have been kept quite and NOT on Instagram.”

“gloves would help, NOT A MASK. Ebola is a disease you catch by “touch” basically. NOT BY breathing.”

“I’m probably one of your biggest fan; unfortunately this is in very poor taste. I certainly expected better of you, out of all of the housewives you seemed so level headed and well travel outside of the typical. You have so much influence over people and mainly our youth. Your to educated of a woman to be a follower- perhaps instead of posting pictures of grace and faith perhaps you should use your platform to inspire, educate and spread the seriousness of this crisis.”

Other Cynthia Bailey fans came to the African-American beauty’s defense by accusing the CDC of not releasing all of the facts about how the virus is spread in an effort not to inspire panic. Others say that Bailey and anyone else has the right to fully protect themselves the way they see fit.

Cynthia Bailey’s controversial Ebola protection photo was posted originally a week ago on October 26. Kandi Burrus posted a similar photo the same day with the following Instagram message.

“I’m not taking any chances! Thanks Dr. @jingjingharris for my mask!

Like Cynthia Bailey, the bootiful Kandi Burrus received a lot of flack from her Instagram fans. The manner in which the Ebola virus is spread was discussed in a previous Inquisitr article.

[Photo Credit: Cynthia Bailey’s Instagram]