Google Pulls Gmail Support For Blackberry App

Google on Wednesday announced that they will stop supporting their Gmail app for Blackberry Smartphones and will pull the application from the Blackberry App World mobile marketplace as of November 22.

According to Google users of the native app will still be able to receive their Gmail messages on their devices but will no longer receive updates or customer support for the program.

Instead Google hopes customers using Blackberry devices will begin reading their Gmail messages via the mobile browser.

The idea is that newer BlackBerry 6 and Blackberry 7 OS systems with WebKit browsers will provide a better experience for Research In Motion device buyers while in turn making it easier for Google to deliver updates across their own platform rather than relying on Blackberry app standards.

News of the move shouldn’t surprise mobile users, Google had recently launched and then pulled their iOS Gmail app after critics pointed out that it was not more than a program inside a web wrapper.

Will you be logging into your Gmail accounts from a Blackberry browser or stick with your current Gmail app while it still works?