Black Friday 2014: Walmart Ads ‘Leaked,’ Black November To Make Shoppers Angry?

Black Friday 2014 is apparently starting way, way early, with Walmart ads officially being “leaked” as part of a new Black November marketing strategy. But will shoppers find this idea convenient or just plain annoying?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Walmart Black Friday 2014 deals include game systems, toys, flat screen TVs, and more. There’s also free shipping on items that are part of their Top 100 gift list. Price matching will also be offered for competitors like Amazon. Frozen toys like the Snow Glow Elsa doll are also expected to be the next “Tickle Me Elmo,” but retailers are already putting the doll on sale in advance.

These type of early Black Friday deals became famous (or infamous, depending on whom you ask) when started running their Black November marketing campaign several years ago. Since they’re an online-only retailer, used to focus on Cyber Monday, but then they realized they could run promotions throughout the month. Thus, a new trend was born.

Walmart realized the same marketing strategy could work for them in 2012 and started offering about 100 holiday deals right after Halloween. Then in 2012, multiple retailers started officially invading Thursday evening, which was one good deal too much to many a shopper since it invaded family time. While Kmart incurred the wrath of Americans for starting their Black Thursday at 6 AM, it’s possible that Black Friday 2014 could see Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Sears, and JC Penny following suit in order to lure in the all mighty dollar.

The Black November deals leading up to Black Friday 2014 will be a little bit more comprehensive this time around. Since everyone is dog-piling the concept, the retailers realize that shoppers may choose to shop early rather than brave the cold lines of Black Friday mornings. Historically, the best Black Friday deals also tend to be available in limited quantity, so it’s possible the Black November deals will actually be purchasable instead of an illusionary goal. There’s also thousands of options to choose form this time around, which may make the choice easier.

If you choose to wait until the Black Friday 2014 weekend, keep in mind how the retailers tend to offer their deals. Limited time Thanksgiving Day deals tend to focus on HDTVs, smartphones, appliances, and electronics from major brand names like Samsung. The actual Black Friday deals, on the other hand, will typically be lesser known brand names. In past years, Amazon also did not publish a Black Friday ad ahead of time, but they tend to match advertised Black Friday 2014 deals from other retailers.

It’s also questionable whether Black Friday 2014 will trigger a consumer backlash. When Kmart invaded Thanksgiving, many shoppers were angry enough to complain to the management. So the question remains if Americans will find a Black November more acceptable than taking over a time intended to be focused on God, family and blessings received during the year.