Emily Kinney Talks Tough ‘The Walking Dead’ Scenes: What Will Happen To Beth Next? [Spoilers]

Emily Kinney is back on The Walking Dead, and Beth Greene’s training with Daryl Dixon has definitely paid off — she’s come a long way from being that weak little girl who was willing to take her own life to escape a very bleak new world.

In “Slabtown,” Beth woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse medical drama with one doctor and a group of rapey policemen being lorded over by a power-drunk female cop. Beth was taken in by the group as an indentured servant of sorts — she was told that she could work at the hospital for a while to repay the group for saving her life. However, every bite of roasted guinea pig added more time to what was actually a prison sentence, and she was expected to be a subservient sexual plaything for creepy Gorman and the other male cops.

After getting violated with a sour apple lollipop, Beth Greene quickly realized her new home was no different from other supposed sanctuaries on The Walking Dead — the people inside were just as dangerous and terrible as the walking dead outside. Beth decided to take her chances outside, but she didn’t manage to gain her freedom. However, Beth will have a new ally in Carol, and hopefully she advises her friend not to inform Dr. Edwards that she possesses any medical knowledge.

Emily Kinney talked to Entertainment Weekly about Beth’s decision to fight back against Officer Dawn and her goons. According to Kinney, Beth is done being weak and letting people push her around.

“I think Beth is really strong. I think she’s really smart and very aware, and when she needs to step up, she does. This episode just pushes her.”

Emily also talked about that disturbing green lollipop scene with gross Officer Gorman. Kinney was asked if shooting the scene made her feel uncomfortable.

“Luckily, the actor who plays Gorman is actually a really nice guy, but he was very, very good at being really creepy. It was uncomfortable, but it’s uncomfortable for Beth… I do feel like a lot of women and girls have felt that unwanted attention and power trip kind of thing. So unfortunately, I did feel like I knew how that felt. I knew how Beth felt in that moment.”

At least Beth got one of the sweetest Walking Dead vengeance scenes — she killed Gorman using a jar of lollipops and the girl who he sexually abused.

Emily Kinney’s lollipop moment wasn’t her only difficult food-related scene in “Slabtown.” Kinney is a vegetarian, but she told EW that she’ll eat meat when a scene on The Walking Dead requires her to. She revealed that guinea pigs were actually cooked for the scene in Dr. Edwards’ office, and it was pretty traumatizing seeing their little barbecued bodies.

“So in the morning of that day we were shooting scenes with live guinea pigs running around and making noises, and then that evening we’re eating dead guinea pig. It was so gross.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Emily Kinney isn’t the only star of The Walking Dead who is a vegetarian — Norman Reedus and Christian Serratos also don’t eat meat, and the show’s stomach-churning scenes have reportedly turned many crew members into vegetarians.

Now that Beth Greene is stuck feasting on guinea pig and lollipops, fans of The Walking Dead obviously want to know what’s next for her character.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, Carol won’t be the only one capable of helping her get out of the hospital. Noah will end up with Daryl Dixon, and her family will use him as a bargaining chip when they head to the hospital.

Unfortunately for Bethyl fans who want Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene to get a happily ever after, Beth might not survive past the midseason finale. Emily Kinney was last spotted filming on August 17, so the future is looking pretty grim for Beth Greene.

Fans will have to wait to find out her fate, because it looks like next week’s episode, “Self Help,” is going to focus on Abraham’s group. You can check out a sneak peek below that features Glenn asking Eugene about his mullet.

Are you worried that Emily Kinney’s character will be killed off this season?

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