Starbucks Is ‘Ground Zero’ For Gay People To Spread Ebola Claims Prominent New York Pastor [Video]

The previous month of October has been quite eclectic for Starbucks. The popular coffee house chain experienced a spike in sales thanks to the return of its Halloween promotion, Pumpkin Spice Latte. Even though reports showed that certain ingredients in the specialty beverage are questionable, customers flocked from all around to get their pumpkin spice fix. Apparently, Starbucks was prepared for huge demand and shortages were mostly averted. Not even a satirical article on how Starbucks uses semen samples in their drinks could halt sales!

Nobody should underestimate the power Starbucks has over their fans. It seems nothing can keep people away from enjoying barista creations… unless it’s a disease sweeping fear across the nation. Starbucks has been deemed “ground zero” for Ebola by a prominent New York City pastor! Why? It is because of Starbucks’ appeal towards the LGBT community!

According to On Top Magazine, James David Manning, the pastor for the Atlah Worldwide Church in Harlem in New York City, has warned his viewers on The Manning Report to avoid Starbucks, especially those in urban areas. Manning states that Starbucks is a festering hub for Ebola and other diseases because they are supposedly “gay meeting places.”

“Starbucks coffee stores are indeed ground zero for spreading Ebola and other diseases, because of the clientele of Starbucks. Generally upscaled [sic] sodomites who frequent Starbucks, who sit there with their computers and it’s a meeting place, they exchange a lot of body fluids, hands shaken and contact.”

James David Manning disdain for gay people is nothing new. For many years, he has stated his opinion about the homosexual lifestyle and the LGBT community, especially on the sign of his church. At one time, he proudly displayed a message that said “Jesus would stone homos.” Recently, The Inquisitr reported on the controversial pastor when he said he wanted to “bind people to hell,” with a list of individuals that even included Barack Obama.

Huffington Post reported on the details of Starbucks’ history of supporting the LGBT community. Back in 2012, they joined a then-growing list of major corporations in publicly endorsing same-sex marriage legislation in Washington State. They also raised a Gay Pride flag over their headquarters in Seattle.

What do you think about James David Manning’s warning about Starbucks being “Ground Zero” for Ebola? Is Mr. Manning just another name in the long list of homophobic bigots or is he simply desperate for his 15 minutes of fame?