Obama Divorce Rumors: Are Reports Just An Attempt To Shame Barack And Michelle?

Nathan Francis

Barack and Michelle Obama have faced a string of divorce rumors in recent months as tabloid publication report trouble in the presidential marriage, but some say the reports are unfounded or even fabricated in order to shame the president and his wife.

Recent reports have indicated trouble in the Obama marriage, with several outlets saying that First Lade Michelle Obama is fed up with her husband and ready to file for divorce. The rumors have hit on a number of different problems, most recently a report that Michelle caught Barack flirting with an engaged woman.

The incident reportedly happened at a voting booth in Chicago, when Aia Cooper walked past the president and her fiance was heard saying, "Don't touch my girlfriend."

Obama was reportedly miffed, thinking the man was trying to embarrass him for "no reason," but report said Michelle was enraged and ready to kick the President out.

Other Obama divorce rumors claim that Michelle and Barack have fought over money, and some even claim that the couple is set to make their divorce official as soon as Barack leaves office in 2016.

But many others see the divorce rumors as outlandish. After a report earlier this year that Barack Obama was having an affair with Beyonce Knowles (which was soon debunked when the source admitted that he started the rumor as an attempt at humor), Think Progress writer Alyssa Rosenberg said the report had undertones of sexism.

Roseberg wrote:

"I'm loath to give stories like this attention, or to give attention to people who try to elude responsibility for eluding stupid sentiments or innuendo by declaring that they were "just joking," as if humor is a genre that has no standards whatsoever. But the substance of this particular rumor strikes me as interesting and important. The idea that Obama must be having an affair with Knowles-Carter comes from a significant and damaging idea: that men and women can't be friends."