Paris Hilton Shopping For ‘Modest’ Home, Only Has $5 Million To Spend

Paris Hilton is searching for a “modest” home in New York City with a max budget of $5 million. Of course, the socialite has a few requirements when looking for her new digs, namely lots of space for her seven dogs.

In the midst of her house hunting, the New York Post reports that Paris dropped $13,000 to buy her seventh pup, a Pomeranian named Prince Hilton The Pom. No wonder she only has $5 million to spend on a home.

Trying to stay under budget, Paris recently checked out a 1,868-square-foot home on W. 15th Street that is listed at a mere $3.99 million.

The two-bedroom home seems to be more than suitable for her seven dogs, but it might be an issue getting all of the dogs downstairs to go to the bathroom — the unit is on the eighth floor. Perhaps Paris will have a grassy area installed in the two-bedroom unit so the dogs can do their business without having to wait for the elevator.

What’s inside the not-so-modest pad? Street Easy states that the residences at the swanky 35XV building all have “awe-inspiring panoramic views” and a long list of amenities that includes a health and fitness center, a climate controlled walk-in wine cellar containing personal wine storage for each residence, an entertainment lounge and a children’s (dogs?) playroom.

All of the units at the 35XV are brand new and ready for occupancy in January 2015, so Paris Hilton may have to wait a bit if her dogs give her the paws up on buying the home.

[Image: Street Easy, The Daily Mail]