This Cat Has An Unbelievable Ability To Concentrate — Don’t Challenge Him To A Staring Contest!

Anyone who has cat for a companion knows that cats have an incredible ability to concentrate when they spot something that catches their interest — usually a bird outside. We’ve all seen the laser-like focus that cats can turn on and off when they spot what their instinct tells them is their natural prey.

But the cat in this video has an ability to focus that seems supernatural. If you confronted this kitty in a stare down, we guarantee that you, the human being, would be the first one to blink. We know that people are envious of this cat’s astonishing ability to concentrate. In less than a week, this 40-second cell phone video has racked up more than one million YouTube views.

What are cats seeing when they give the thousand-yard stare to some helpless creature that may be so well concealed that you, with your human vision, might not be able to see anything other than scenery?

While it may seem that cats have bionic vision, not to mention a machine-like ability to focus, the reality is, cats actually don’t see as well as we do. A human with healthy vision can focus on objects up to 200 feet away. But cats see only about 20 feet in front of them before things start to get fuzzy.

On the other hand, cats see in low light much better than humans. Not only that, but the photo-receptors in their eyes adjust much quicker than ours. That means that cats can see objects moving very fast — like a bird zipping across the sky. To us, that bird may look like a speeding blur. But a cat sees the fast-moving potential lunch quite clearly.

Just watch this cat, and imagine what he must be seeing to hold his total and complete attention. Just don’t challenge this little guy to a blink-off.