Why NASA Never Returned To Moon: Documentary Explains Why [Video]

It’s been nearly 50 years since the Apollo 11 Mission was successfully carried out when astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first stepped on the surface of the moon, while Michael Collins floated in lunar obit awaiting their return. Since then, nine other humans have walked the lunar surface.

However, a question about the space program has gone unanswered: Why has NASA not returned to the moon since 1972? A documentary out recently attempts to answer the question with this poignant reply: an alien base is on the dark side of the moon and its inhabitants warned NASA to stay away, according to Conspiracy Watch.

mon landing

Back in August, a NASA spokesperson chatted with CNN about the space agency sending humans back to the lunar planet in the 2030s. However, the primary focus is to create assets and technology to reach beyond low-Earth and focus on Mars and beyond.

“As international partners and the growing U.S. commercial space industry venture beyond low-Earth orbit as well, there may be some opportunities to return humans and robots to the lunar surface. Our road map for exploration includes the possibility of assisting partners with that kind of exploration, but our investments in human spaceflight are focused on enabling the path to Mars.

“We’ll soon return humans to the vicinity of the moon… [a] proving ground we need to test these key capabilities and help us advance on the human path to Mars.”

It’s a stark contrast to what NASA administrator, Charles Bolden said just a year earlier. Then, he was pessimistic about having another manned lunar mission similar to Apollo. Bolden attempted to answer the question about why has NASA not been back to the moon in simple terms: it’s all about money, and unless future moon missions are funded, returning to Earth’s satellite won’t happen in his lifetime. Any effort to voyage to the moon will come by way of third parties and other nation states.

“NASA does not have a human lunar mission in its portfolio and we are not planning for one. I have told every head of agency of every partner agency that if you assume the lead in a human lunar mission, NASA will be a part of that. NASA wants to be a participant.”

The documentary above suggests there are more nefarious things afoot, and the government is concealing a dark secret. With advanced technology in place compared to decades ago, NASA has the ability to operate manned missions to the moon should it choose to do so.

Are their aliens and UFOs on the moon? If so, why haven’t other nations made the voyage, and why are they also keeping the existence of extraterrestrial life a secret? Watch the video above and share your comments.

[Image via: NASA and Dimension Films]