Val Chmerkovskiy Drastically Changes Look For Romantic ‘DWTS’ Routine With Janel Parrish [Photo]

Val Chmerkovskiy recently unveiled a new look on Instagram, and Dancing with the Stars fans might have a hard time recognizing Janel Parrish’s partner.

The Chmerkovskiy brothers love their facial hair, but they’re willing to lose it if their DWTS characters need to have smooth, youthful faces. Maks Chmerkovskiy shaved his off to become Mowgli from The Jungle Book last season, and Val has recently got rid of his stubble to transform into one of Shakespeare’s most popular characters.

According to Carter Matt, this week’s Dancing with the Stars theme is dynamic duos. Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish are going to do nothing to dispel those persistent dating rumors by becoming two of the most romantic literary figures of all time: Romeo and Juliet. Because the characters are so young, Val shaved off his facial hair off to shave off a few years. He shared a photo of his new look on Instagram.

scariest Halloween costume ever

Chmerkovskiy’s fans observed that he now looks like Superman, Woody from Toy Story, his brother Maks, and the human version of Shrek from Shrek 2. Judging from the caption accompanying his Instagram snap, Val Chmerkovskiy is not a fan of his new smoother look — he described it as the “scariest costume ever.”

Val also shared a few photos of himself and Janel Parrish practicing their contemporary Romeo and Juliet routine for Monday’s Dancing with the Stars episode, and they look pretty serious.

practice makes perfect #dwts @janelparrish
Rehearsing our contemporary for tomorrow's show #dwts @janelparrish

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish have probably been working extra hard after getting a not-so-nice critique from judge Len Goodman last week. Goodman complained that there wasn’t enough Viennese Waltz content in their Halloween routine, and he seemed extra-cranky while delivering his criticism. Len even threw a little shade at Val and Janel later on while praising Alfonso Ribeiro’s “proper Rumba.”

“It was a proper Rumba — you didn’t mess about cleaning windows, you just got right on with the dance,” Goodman gushed.

According to Wetpaint, Val Chmerkovskiy was so upset about Len mocking Parrish’s moves that he later blasted the judge on Twitter.

Goodman might not be Janel’s biggest fan, but Val certainly admires his DWTS partner. According to Just Jared, Chmerkovskiy bought the Pretty Little Liars star a huge bouquet of flowers and 26 balloons for her 26th birthday. He also attended her birthday bash, and Parrish posted an Instagram photo of herself sharing a snuggle with her dance partner.

Birthday shenanigans with @iamvalc #teamjanelskiy @warwick_la

The couple might look pretty cozy together, but Janel Parrish doesn’t want fans of Dancing with the Stars to think that she and Val Chmerkovskiy are a real-life Romeo and Juliet — she just wants them to enjoy their dance routines.

“As far as the rumors of romance between Val and me, I just want people to focus on the dancing that we do and the hard work that we do,” Janel wrote in her People magazine blog. “I appreciate that people see that we have chemistry.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy as Romeo and Juliet on Dancing with the Stars?

[Image credits: Janel Parrish, Val Chmerkovskiy/Instagram]