McDonald’s — The World’s Most Popular Fast Food Chain — Turns Into The Most Popular Video Game Anime [Gallery]

For many years, McDonald’s has been the most popular restaurant in the world. With approximately 35,000 locations across the globe and an estimated revenue of $28 billion in 2013 alone, the fast food chain is sitting on top of the fast food hill! However, they’ve had their fair share of bad news, which prompted restructuring. The Inquisitr kept up with the latest on this too. Apparently, McDonald’s — known for their appealing presentation to children — are no longer the champs when it comes to child appeal. This is because their food was in question of being real, which prompted the Golden Arches to launch a campaign, which took customers to the production floor.

Despite the situation, McDonald’s at least has one honor they can be proud of, and that is being transformed to cater to the most popular video game anime in Japan! That’s right! Reports are now showing that one of their restaurants is now fictional fast food joint in the Land of the Rising Sun!


According to Inside which was translated by Kotaku, a McDonald’s in Tokyo’s Odaiba has been turned into Mogmog Burgers, a fast food joint in the video game and anime series, Yokai Watch. The restaurant is a true recreation which will serve up burgers in a special Mogmog box. It should also be noted that the food isn’t the only thing getting an overhaul to reflect the popular video game and anime. The interior and exterior design of the restaurant has been covered with Yokai Watch decorations.

Now most people — especially those who don’t really follow Japanese culture, video games, or anime — don’t know what Yokai Watch is. It may be unheard of to most of the world, but it is extremely popular in Japan these days. Just to show how popular it is, the official merchandise based after the anime and video game is keeping up (and in some cases outselling) popular anime and video game franchises like Pok√©mon, Power Rangers, (known as Super Sentai in Japan), and One Piece. That alone is a major accomplishment!

The reason for McDonald’s transforming one of their Japanese restaurants to Mogmog Burgers is how the latter is an obvious parody in the video game. For example, Mogmog Burgers’ logo is a golden, lowercase “M.” Not very subtle if you ask anyone, right?

Anyways, a gallery of Mogmog Burgers has been attached below. The promotion is running for a limited time starting on October 29. Do you think the promotion looks pretty cool, or is it just weird?

[Images via Inside]