Kitten Dies After Being Thrown Out Of Car Window Onto Highway — ‘It Is Truly Heartbreaking’

A New Hampshire woman watched in horror as an unknown person threw a kitten out of their car window onto a busy highway last week. The Boston Globe reports that the woman stopped on the highway to rescue the kitten, but it died a short time later in her lap while she was driving the animal to a veterinary clinic.

Police in New Durham, New Hampshire, are currently looking for a “small blue car” with temporary plates, said to be the vehicle that the kitten was thrown from. The incident happened 90 minutes from Boston on Route 11 in New Durham, a town with a population of approximately 2,200 people.

Last week, information about the death of the kitten was posted on the K9 Fred Facebook page, a fan page for New Durham Police Chief Shawn Bernier’s partner, a beautiful German Shepard named K9 Fred. Photos of the dead kitten were included in the post, but they are graphic — some people may find the images too disturbing to view.

“Somebody in a little blue car on Route 11 in New Durham today threw this poor cat out of the moving vehicle. The cat bounced on the road to the other side of the highway. A very caring New Durham resident turned her vehicle around and stopped for the cat. She has since buried this poor creature near the lake on her property. If anyone recognizes this cat or knows who did this, please report it to the New Durham police department.”

The post received plenty of support for the kitten who was thrown from a car, with many of the page’s 500-plus followers angry about the helpless animal’s death.

“There are really no words for some of the awful things but some people do to other humans and animals… It is truly heartbreaking.”

So far, the police have not arrested anyone for killing the kitten. Hopefully someone who sees the story will provide another lead, as the only information known to police at this time is from the witness who claims she saw the kitten ejected from a small blue car.

The Boston Globe reports that if the person who threw the kitten from their car is found, they could face animal cruelty and reckless conduct charges. Both charges are misdemeanors that are punishable by a $2,000 fine and up to one year in jail.

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