Offensive Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Halloween Costumes Spark Anger

Perhaps setting new world records for most tasteless, offensive, rude or all of the above, some Halloween revelers outdid themselves with Halloween costumes inspired by the tragically and mysteriously missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Pictures of apparently clueless and/or insensitive Halloweeners in MH370 themed Halloween costumes started showing up on Halloween and through the weekend via Twitter and #Malaysianairlines and #flightmh370, reports the Sunday Times.

A collection of the offensive MH370 Halloween Costumes featuring folks with an apparent lack of graciousness was posted by Twitter user AS, @Amiraasofeaa.

According to the Sunday Times, heartless, rude and insensitive were just a sampling of words used to express the disgust and anger felt when many of the Malaysians saw the “bloodied MH370 costumes” displayed on the internet by Halloween party-goers deemed to have extremely bad taste.

“Morons. Jerks. What the hell are they thinking?” asked Aishah Khumaira, her disgust with the MH370 themed Halloween costumes quite palpable.

MH370 Halloween costume flight attendants

Chris Sim expressed his condemnation of the MH370 Halloween Costume partiers for having absolutely “zero respect” for the lost passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, not to mention their shattered families who have been left in a painful limbo with no idea what happened to their loved ones or even confirmation if they’re alive or dead.

“I wish I could throw a grenade to them (the people in MH370 Halloween costumes). I’m bursting out like crazy because of these idiots. Do they even know the word ‘respect’? Bloody non-educated people!”

The Star Online reports that an online search for #flightmh370 reveals at least six different views on Instagram and Twitter of MH370 inspired Halloween costumes.

One of the many offended, Arif Sharimie, labeled the MH370 Halloween costume wearing people with a “a low class mentality,” combining the two most common elements in the universe, “hydrogen and stupidity.”

Hilmiah Ahmad, another of the offended, said the MH370 Halloween costume wearing people obviously didn’t take into consideration the feelings of the MH370 families that continue to suffer incomparable grief and frustration at the ongoing mystery of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

“Shame on them. Guess it never occur to them that similar tragedies could happen to members of their family too.”

Fessing up for one instance of the horrible idea of dressing up as MH370 victims was Australian National University student Michael Loo, who said his institution’s newspaper was “bloody inconsiderate.”

Another, Nicholas Lin, called out the lack of empathy displayed by the MH370 Halloween costumed people as showing a total lack of feeling for the MH370 families, the multiple other countries affected by the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370 and the tragedy in general.

“Because it’s nothing to do with their country. Try making fun of 9/11 and see how they react?”

Images via Twitter