Meteorologist Jude Redfield Uses Green Screen To Give Spooky Halloween Forecast [Video]

WDRB 41 meteorologist Jude Redfield used the green screen to give a spooky Halloween forecast as a skeleton.

Redfield posted to his Twitter account letting parents know that today would be a good day to let the kids watch the news. Jude called himself “Bones Redfield” and gave everyone a good laugh for their Halloween morning forecast.

In the video, you see Redfield appear with his normal head with a skeleton body. He gives his forecast, and then a news anchor makes his way onto camera and attempts to feed the skeleton. However, being a “skeleton” the food just goes right through him.

The creative forecast left many other meteorologists making plans for next year. One fellow meteorologist noting that the “contest” is now over for best green screen prank ever.

“Best ever. Everyone else can just shut ‘er down and go home. Contest is over.”

As creative as the skeleton weather cast was, some are saying nothing tops Redfield’s previous antics. This isn’t the first stunt that Jude has pulled featuring the green screen. Last October when the Reds lost again, Redfield couldn’t stand to show his face on film. Instead of his “normal” forecast, Jude was seen giving the forecast “headless.”

Another meteorologist learned the hard way why you never wear green to work.

Which green screen trick do you think is the most creative? Headless meteorologist or Bones Redfield?