Signs Jesus Christ Is Returned In Muslim Dreams Posted Online? Fringe Christian And Muslim Religious Figures Paranoid It Is True

Although it appears to be satire, the return of Jesus Christ is being confirmed by Christian newspaper WND. The information that they are referencing that confirms Jesus Christ is with us is due to reports from Muslim dreamers that are posting online about seeing Jesus Christ. In late October, WND highlighted a popular Muslim personality as stating that Jesus Christ has returned and will convert humanity to Islam. Other Christian personalities are chiming in about interviewing Muslim dreamers, the supernatural, and the signs of the return of Christ.

A documentary about Jesus Christ called End Times Eyewitness was covered during its September 2014 release date by media sources such as To get a better understanding of Adnan Oktar’s perspective on Jesus Christ and the end times, WND associate Joel Richardson, (author and filmmaker of titles such as The Islamic Antichrist and Mideast Beast), interviewed Oktar. Oktar is a Turkish writer that focuses on the supernatural in Islam and has written about the return of Jesus Christ.

Recently, Oktar was heavily analyzed by fringe aspects of the Christian media over the last two weeks of October because of the Richardson interview. The WND article covering the Oktar interview in Christian media has several quotes about the end times and Jesus Christ from a Muslim perspective.

Opening the article about Oktar, the WND author states that a leader might come to convert Christians.

“Could it be that a great leader will emerge in Turkey [Oktar] who, with the help of mysterious Islamic spirit beings [Mahdi, The Hidden Imam], will convince the world’s Christians to become Muslim?”

Oktar, a Sunni, explains the eschatology of the Islamic faith and talks to Richardson about Jesus Christ and Mahdi. According The Encyclopedia Britannica, Mahdi is an essential part of Shia Muslim end times beliefs — but Mahdi is controversial among Sunnis. He is the “The Hidden Imam,” (which is termed “occultation“) that will return at some unknown time to ‘swing the ax of justice … and rid the world of evil.’

In the article about the Oktar interview, he is quoted loosely as saying that the Christian savior and the so-called Hidden Imam would work together for the good of Islam.

“The Mahdi and Jesus Christ … will get help in their work to convert the world to Islam from an even more demonstrative group of supernatural beings called the djinn, from which we get the English word for ‘genie.’ There are bad djinn and good djinn, with the good djinn being Muslim. … Yes the Mahdi will communicate with the djinns. Mahdi is the leader of both djinns and men. Muslim djinns, djinns that believe in God, will assist the Muslims in making Muslims prevail throughout the world.”

While the djinn are seen as a subject for Disney movies to handle in the United States, many Muslim people are firm believers in these beings because they are talked about in the Quran. Chapter 72 of the Quran is specifically about the djinn. The djinn are said to be created by God as smokeless fire. They were created before humans, and humans were created from earth.

Alternatively, Richardson does not believe that Mahdi will rule for seven years but is instead a sign of what happens before Jesus Christ returns, and Mahdi is instead a sign of the antichrist or a false prophet that will deceive many.

At the end of the interview about Jesus Christ between Oktar and Richardson, Oktar said he has a “strong belief that the Mahdi and Jesus are likely already walking the earth.”

Oktar continues by saying,

“Yes. We believe that Hazrat Mahdi has come and is busy carrying on his activities. … We believe that he appeared in Istanbul, as that is how it is related in the Judaic accounts. This is how it is related in the Islamic accounts as well.”

Oktar further defines the return of Jesus Christ and Mahdi as happening between 1400 and 1500 on the Islamic calendar. Currently, the date is 1435.

To confirm this story, WND did some research online and revealed over Halloween weekend that a “rising number of Muslims are reporting dreams about Jesus Christ.” They highlight that these dreams indicate “a man wearing a white robe that appears amid a flood of ‘joy and love.'”

The primary references for these Muslim dreams of Jesus Christ come from internet testimonial comments posted in forums, videos, or on webpages.

Dream narratives about Jesus Christ that WND quoted include web forum talks about former Hindus, a Bosnian Muslim teenager Emina Emlonic, Pastor Frank Costenbader (founder of Manifold Hope Ministries, publisher of the Jesus Christ-related Isa Dreams website), a Saudi man commenting in the testimonies section at, and 2012 account of a Thai teenager named Fa that reported their dream of Jesus Christ on

The account from the Saudi man is particularly highlighted in the WND report on Muslims dreaming about Jesus Christ.

“I had this horrible dream of me being taken into hell. And what I saw there brought me real fear and these dreams kept coming to me almost every night. At this point I was really wondering as to why I should be seeing hell in this manner. Suddenly one day, Jesus appeared to me and said, ‘Son, I am the way, the truth and the life. And if you would give your life to Me, and follow Me, I would save you from the hell that you have seen.’ This came as a surprise to me, for I did not know who this Jesus was. Of course, He is mentioned in the Koran[sic] in the book Surah Mariam. He is stated as one of our prophets, but not as a Savior who could save us from hell.”

The article from WND on Muslims dreaming about Jesus Christ continues with several Christian personalities interviewing in the Middle East and finding that at least one Muslim from Iran is saying that all Muslims dream about Jesus.

“We [Muslims] all have these dreams [about Jesus Christ].”

To clarify the above quote, Pastor Frank Costenbader has interviewed people about their dreams about Jesus Christ in up to 30 countries. Costenbader said he interviewed a woman from Iran about dreams of Jesus Christ and she said that people in Iran have all had dreams of Jesus Christ to some extent.

Christine Darg, author of the book Miracles Among Muslims: The Jesus Visions and co-host of the Jerusalem Channel television program Exploits Ministry, is quoted as saying,

“The phenomenon of Muslims coming to a living faith in Jesus is happening every day. This is part of the prophecy of the prophet Joel that in the last days God will pour out his spirit upon all people — sons and daughters will prophesy, young and old men will experience dreams and visions.”

Darg goes on to say that experts state that, “at least a quarter of all Muslim-background believers have experienced some type of supernatural dream or vision about Jesus.”

Darg also interviewed a Sufi Muslim cleric in Jerusalem about a Jesus Christ dream experience.

“He related the most beautiful encounter that he had experienced with the risen Lord Jesus, and how the Lord had embraced him in a way that the sheik had become a believer and follower of Jesus without realizing that he was a Christian.”

“But it’s another dimension altogether when Jesus appears to a group simultaneously. I have a whole chapter in my book about the Lord appearing to Muslim schoolboys in Arabia in a classroom during Ramadan.”

At the end of the article, Costenbader said that the Jesus Christ dreams may not propel Muslims to convert. He is quoted as saying that, according to Surah 4:89 of the Quran, conversions from Islam to accept Jesus Christ through Christianity are punishable by death. However, this verse has been cited by the as being frequently misquoted and/or misinterpreted, and they provide a full explanation.

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