Man Falls To Death At Concert For Spookfest 2014, Accidentally Plunges 20 Feet

A North California venue was the scene of an accidental death on Halloween night. The Contra Costa County Coroner’s Office said Zachary Bradley is the man who fell to his death at the 2014 Spookfest concert on Friday night. Apparently, alcohol was a contributing factor in the college student’s accidental fall from a height of 20 feet, according to a November 2 Arizona Central news report.

Police say Bradley, 20, from Phoenix, Arizona, died after he took a tragic fall at the annual concert. Apparently, the man scaled an elevated area located directly behind the main stage of the Oracle Arena before he lost his footing and plunged to his death.

According to sources close to the investigation, onsite event security personnel discovered Bradley’s body in the restricted area just before midnight Friday. Friends who attended Spookfest with the fall victim report seeing him last some four hours before he was found dead from the apparent fall at the concert. The event, hosted by Live 105, attracted between 6,000 and 8,000 concert-goers.

The man who fell to his death at the concert was a high-performer in college and had straight-A’s. According to Bradley’s grandfather, Tom, he was pursuing a degree in medicine in order to become a physician. He adored music and was very skilled in a number of instruments: drums, clarinet, bass and the piano.

“He had natural talent. By the time he got out of high school he could play any instrument. He was very smart… when it came to intellect, he was the brain of the bunch.”

Zachary Bradley’s mom, Cristal Rodriguez, a Tyler, Texas resident, said her son was bilingual, played in his high school marching band, sang in the choir and was active in the volunteer community. However, she did point out that despite her son’s high academic performance and book knowledge, he “didn’t have a lot of street sense.” And when police investigators informed her that he was likely intoxicated at the time of the deadly concert fall, she doesn’t blame anyone or anything else for her son’s fatal plunge.

“I don’t blame anyone. I know he made a poor decision.”

At this time, police do not suspect foul play, and it appears the man fell to death during the Spookfest concert by actions he took moments before the plunge. However, Oakland police say they are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the young man’s untimely death.

[Image via: Facebook via Daily Mail]