Brittany Maynard Has Died, Friends And Family Post Their Goodbyes

It appears that the cancer patient, Brittany Maynard, has taken her own life. According to family members and friends on Facebook, Brittany passed away today after her condition worsened and the tumor took over control.

Family of Brittany Maynard began posting about the loss of their loved one this morning. Summer Holmes-Phillips posted that Brittany was now with the angels and to keep her family in your prayers at around 7:00am EST this morning.

“Brittany is not rethinking anything. Brittany passed away today and now flys with the angels. Our family is grieving her loss. We welcome your prayers for her husband, mother, stepfather, best friend, and our family.”

The comment was made on a post that featured a collage of images of Brittany with the caption, “Fly with the angels, Brittany. I know you’ll watch over us all,” that was posted by Summer’s sister Erica.

Brittany Maynard RIP

In the comments, Erica clarified why Brittany chose to end her own life today.

“She was not ‘set’ on this date but as her condition worsened and the tumor took over control, it became increasingly more difficult for her to function. One comfort, is that she was able to make the choice to end her suffering before she was unable to function at all. That’s what SHE wanted. Cancer took her but in the end, she got to decide when enough was enough. She was done and so, I’m comforted that it was her way. Cancer took so much from her. She wasn’t going to let it take her dignity. When I remind myself of this, I am comforted. Thank you all for your prayers. I just want to wrap my arms around my aunt and cry with her. I wish she could feel our love right now. But, cancer is keeping that from us. So, hate is ugly…and I HATE CANCER!”

Erica also posted a tribute to Brittany on her personal wall that said her goodbye.

Brittany Maynard RIP 2

The death will come as a shock to many who were hoping that Brittany Maynard would reconsider her death. Brittany had recently posted a video that gave many hope that she may not end her life as planned. In the video, Brittany said she would continue fighting if she felt well.

Are you surprised at the news that Brittany Maynard has passed? Were you hoping she would reconsider, or are you a supporter of the Death with Dignity Act?