'Utopia' Canceled By Fox, Reality Series Tanks In The Ratings

Reality series Utopia, which was introduced as an experimental year long series, will be cut short. Fox has decided to cancel the series after running episodes for two months. The cancelation comes as no surprise due to the show not taking off as Fox expected.

For those who aren't familiar with the premise, Utopia set out to strand a group of people out in California in a remote location to grow a perfect society. According to Entertainment Weekly, " It was considered a big gamble for Fox -- a pricy stab at a reality concept that largely eschewed the competition elements central to most broadcast network reality hits."

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox is going to pull the program starting this week. Instead, Utopia will be replaced by repeat episodes of Masterchef Junior. If that's not enough, the live feeds will also be pulled from official site.

That said, cast members are expected to receive counseling upon returning back to their normal lives after they are informed of the show's cancellation.

As the Inquisitr reported back in September when the show premiered, Fox couldn't grab the viewers that it was expecting. Although Fox gave the show a good slot on Sunday for its premiere, viewers flocked to CBS' Big Brother instead. 4.6 million viewers turned into Utopia while Big Brother pulled in 7.1 million viewers. The ratings only declined from there and in response, Fox shuffled the show around before deciding to put it on Fridays, which is where shows usually go to die.

As expected, fans are not happy about the sudden cancellation.

Are you bummed Fox decided to cancel Utopia? Were you looking forward to a conclusion to the reality series?

[Image via Fox]