My Everything! Ariana Grande And Big Sean Go Deep

Ariana Grande and her new boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, are extremely spiritual.

That’s the message Hollywood Life has received exclusively from sources inside the blossoming relationship between the two celebrity musicians.

“Sean’s a huge fan of Deepak Chopra, he gave Ariana a bunch of books by Deepak so now she’s studying that too. They’re both studying Kabbalah together too and Sean’s teaching Ariana how to meditate. He calms her down, since they’ve been together she’s so much more balanced, she looks up to him.”

And there’s more than just a deep spiritual relationship evolving. According to another report by Hollywood Life, Big Sean even wants to take Ariana home for the holidays. A source revealed, “He wants to take her to Detroit to meet all his friends and family there. He’s proud of her.”

For all intents and purposes it seems things are getting very serious between Ariana, 21 and Big Sean, 26. They even made it Facebook official, confirming earlier last month that they were an item. According to an exclusive interview with the Telegraph, Grande described her man in glowing terms.

“He is one of the most amazing men in the whole world, and that includes my grandfather and my brother. I think the world of him, and he’s an amazing person. That’s kind of all there is to it.”

Big Sean, whose real name is Sean Anderson, has been linked to Ariana for some time after he contributed to Grande’s second album My Everything. According to the Telegraph, “he is a featured artist on album track ‘Best Mistake’ and stars as the uncredited whisperer on the pop star’s breakthrough single ‘Problem.'”

So while Ariana’s love life seems to be taking off — as well as her music career — it seems nothing can slow this pop princess down, can it? Well, that depends on if you believe rumors of more diva-like behavior popping up around Grande’s performances. As previously reported by the Inquistr, Grande apparently acted like a “spoiled diva” at BBC Radio One’s Teen Awards.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Grande “had an assistant follow her around with a bottle of water and a straw. And as soon as she was feeling a bit parched, she [would] scream ‘WATER!’ and the girl would scurry over. At one point, the water was too warm for her liking, so she spit it out! Ariana won’t be welcomed back!”

Perhaps Ariana Grande needs more spirituality lessons from her boyfriend Big Sean.

[Ariana Grande/Big Sean photo via US Weekly]