‘The Simpsons’ Not Ending Anytime Soon

It’s been a very good year for the Simpsons family and the rest of the residents of fictional Springfield. First, the FXX network ran an incredibly successful, “Every. Simpsons. Ever.” marathon for 12 straight days right before the Labor Day holiday. During the historic marathon, all 552 episodes were aired back-to-back-to-back in order, and fans new and old watched in record numbers, as reported by Rolling Stone. Then Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy opened their season by having the Griffins visit Springfield for a dream mash-up of two iconic animated families. The crossover was hit or miss, as reported previously in the Inquisitr.

Next on the docket is a visit from the cast of Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s other animated series, Futurama, which airs on November 9. Everything is turning up “yellow” for the longest-running sitcom in American television history. And according to producer and show runner Al Jean, don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Jean says that The Simpsons are primed to go on and on, and there is no plan to stop what still brings in great ratings for Fox and outstanding ratings for FXX, who now controls The Simpsons back catalogue of 25-plus seasons and is showing them in themed blocks five days a week.

“I don’t see an end in sight – ratings are really good. I think it’s going to go at least two more years, maybe four, maybe more.

“I’ve stopped trying to predict, because it always goes much further than anybody dreams.”

Al Jean has been with The Simpsons since the beginning as the first writer hired for the show in 1989. He and fellow writer Mike Reiss left the show in 1991 to work on another Fox animated sitcom, the Jon Lovitz voiced The Critic. When it was cancelled after two seasons on the air, Jean was able to return to The Simpsons as writer and show-runner.

While many fans argue that the show is not what is once was in terms of quality and writing, the 2006 The Simpsons Movie did great box office for 20th Century Fox, raking in over $183 million dollars domestically, according to Box Office Mojo, and the show has consistently been a rating winner for the television network. Jean was asked if there were plans for a sequel to the movie, but he admits there are no set plans to bring Springfield back to movie houses.

“No-one wants to do a bad movie. We have ideas [for a second film] but it’s a really tough bar it’s gotta pass.”

With or without a new movie, The Simpsons look to continue on for as long as people watch, and if the ratings are any indication, that may be for a very long time.

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[Image courtesy of Rolling Stone]