‘Star Wars 7’ Movie Filmed In Forest Of Dean In UK

It is true that the new Star Wars Episode VII movie filmed in the Forest of Dean in England, according to a recent letter to the cast and staff. Although the new Star Wars movie is set to release in December 2015, buzz is already beginning to build as script leaks and teasers have hit the media. Back in July, rumors began about the film’s locations on set, and in the case of England’s Forest of Dean, it turned out to be true.

Confirmation about the film’s location came as a result of a “Thank You” note. Original stars of the Star Wars movie series, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, participated in the celebrations in London at the completion of the movie’s filming. Harrison, 72, is reprising his role as Han Solo. It’s also left to be seen if Andy Serkis, known for his work in capturing the motions of Gollu, in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies, provided some of his talents to the new Star Wars film. He was, however, present at the celebration and previously described the script for the new movie as “beautiful.”

It’s also caused quite a buzz that Mark Hamill’s character, Luke Skywalker, may (or may not) have gone to the “dark side” in Star Wars Episode VII. The Inquisitr reported on the possible Star Wars movie plot leaks.

The newsworthy aspect of the Forest of Dean is that the production crew really kept the location a secret and never confirmed the movie’s filming back in July. Even when equipment was left behind at the Forest of Dean in Puzzlewood by movie crews, the Star Wars staff kept quiet.

Fans of the Star Wars movies enjoy knowing details about the productions before their releases. Star Wars Episode VII is no different. It does make fans wonder if the production crew left equipment on purpose, too.

It will be 40 years since the original Star Wars movie. With a reprise of roles and new actors taking on twists and turns in the plot, the new movie is sure to please loyal and new fans. The latest movie has had its setbacks, including Harrison Ford’s injury over the summer.

The settings in the Forest of Dean imply eerie and interesting possibilities. Several other films have used the forest to capture fantasy and science-fiction themes. It’s a great location for movie sets, like Star Wars Episode VII.

[Photo courtesy of Associated Press/ Daily Mail]