ESPN: Adrian Peterson Plea Deal Could Be In The Works

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson’s plea deal could be a reality.

According to Schefter, Adrian Peterson’s plea deal has been a work in progress between Peterson, his legal team, and Texas prosecutors, who brought charges against the star for allegedly abusing his son, which Peterson said was just discipline and not child abuse.

Schefter has more on Adrian Peterson’s plea deal possibility and what it could mean for his return to the field.

“If Peterson were able to reach a plea agreement, then the immediate question would become when he would be allowed to return to work. For this there is no concrete answer, as the case is unprecedented.

“To date, the NFL has shown no willingness to allow Peterson to be removed from the commissioner’s exempt list and to return to work. But if and when Peterson reaches a plea deal, the conversation and the focus on this situation is going to heat up dramatically.”

In a Twitter post, Schefter said Adrian Peterson’s plea deal could be announced as early as Tuesday (November 4).

Even if he is able to reach a plea deal, Schefter said the Vikings star and former University of Oklahoma standout would still have an issue with his admitted use of marijuana before appearing in court earlier this fall.

“In addition to a potential plea deal, what will be at issue Tuesday is the bond revocation prosecutors have called for in light of Peterson’s admission that he smoked marijuana before his initial court appearance in September.”

Peterson is charged with felony reckless or negligent injury to a child after he disciplined his son with a switch, which Schefter said had left bruising on the child.

There has been no word on whether jail time, community service, probation, or a combination of all three could be a part of any sentencing Peterson would receive as part of the plea deal reported by ESPN’s Schefter.

Tell us what you think. Should Adrian Peterson’s plea deal be allowed to happen? And should he allowed to suit up and hit the turf for the Vikings again after all is said and done? Tell us in the comments section below.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]