‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Filming Ends, Location Revealed & Wrap Party [Photos]

Star Wars Episode VII filming has come to an end, according to revelations on a “Thank You” note sent to cast members. A wrap party video also shows cast and crew celebrating the momentous occasion.

According to a report on Star Wars 7 News, the cast and crew — which included director J.J. Abrams, original cast members Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Harrison Ford (Han Solo), plus newcomers Andy Serkis, John Boyega, and Pip Anderson — were seen arriving at a party in London on Saturday night. They all wore smiles for the pap camped outside the restaurant’s front door and some waved for the cameras.

Star Wars Episode VII has been filming at Pinewood Studios in London for the last seven months, with a brief interruption in June. Actor Harrison Ford, who plays the legendary rogue Han Solo, broke his leg when a hydraulic door from the character’s spaceship — the Millennium Falcon — fell on the actor during production.

Home time buddy! #party

Abrams was forced to give Ford a break for a couple of weeks, so his scenes took a back step to other characters parts. For example, during this time, we heard that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) was seen on the remote island of Skellig Michael, so we assume that the Star Wars Episode VII filming was still going on even though Ford was out of action.

Initially, there was concern that the 72-year-old actor’s surgery would delay the production, which had already struggled to finalize a release date. However, the feisty veteran proved everyone wrong and was walking again in a short period of time. On Saturday, this tweet posted by Star Wars Episode VII concept designer Will Htay revealed that the production had completed filming and there would be a get-together to celebrate.

Other sources reveal even more cast members were also present at the wrap party, which included a pretty elaborate acrobatic show for all to enjoy. Included in this list was Hamill and newcomers Daisy Ridley and Simon Pegg. Look at all the pics from the celebration here.

Additionally, a “Thank You” note, sent by Abrams and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy to Star Wars Episode VII cast and crew after filming was complete, reveals that the famous Forest of Dean was used by Abrams as one of the locations for the epic movie. The famous site has been used as a setting for very famous movies and TV series, including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Mark Hamill at Star Wars Episode VII wrap party

A report in Metro indicates the letter thanks cast and crew for their “professionalism, passion, and patience” throughout the Star Wars Episode VII filming at all locations “from the deserts of Abu Dhabi, to the Forest of Dean, to the stages of Pinewood.”

“Our ambition here is large, of course, and it must be: we are here to make a film that entertains millions of people, of all ages, for generations.

“Wear it well, wear it healthily, wear it proudly, but mostly, thank you.”

Now that Star Wars Episode VII filming has come to an end, we can expect to finally hear about that title, in keeping with the previous two trilogy’s tradition. The new chapter of the space saga lands in theaters on December 18, 2015.

[Image via Movie Pilot/Twitter]