Michelle Rodriguez ‘Got Emotional’ During This Part Of The ‘Furious 7’ Trailer

Michelle Rodriguez showed a much softer side of herself during the Furious 7 trailer premiere on Saturday.

The 36-year-old actress, who is mostly known for playing the tough, emotionless side of herself on screen, showed a much more emotional side during the E! livestream presentation — especially when it came to discussing Paul Walker.

Tyrese Gibson posted a heartfelt message on his official Facebook page on Saturday, and mentioned how Michelle Rodriguez “broke [his] heart” on that “bittersweet day” when she “got emotional.”

According to his message, there was one specific part of the Furious 7 trailer that Michelle her so emotional.

“Today was a very bittersweet day for obvious reasons… Michelle broke my heart when she got emotional once Paul face popped up in the trailer.”

Based on many of the reactions and responses posted on Twitter, seeing Paul Walker in the first trailer from his final film made a lot of other people “emotional” right along with Michelle Rodriguez and the rest of the cast.

Throughout the interview, most of the cast members featured on stage were very emotional when it came to discussing Paul Walker and their objective to make sure that Furious 7 was “the best movie of the franchise” because that is what Paul Walker would have wanted.

However, Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez appeared to be on the brink of tears the entire time. While Ludacris and Tyrese tried their best to liven up the seemingly sad occasion with well-timed jokes and punchlines, Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez seemed as if they were struggling to keep it together.

Each time Michelle Rodriguez spoke, you could hear the cracking of her voice and see the water in her eyes — which moved so many Fast and Furious fans and critics to tears just to watch.

When asked about whether the highly-anticipated seventh installment of the Fast and Furious franchise was going to be a revenge film, Michelle Rodriguez was quick to reject those rumors, stating that the movie is completely “different.”

Shortly before the trailer premiered, Michelle Rodriguez uttered an emotionally-stirring statement that spoke volumes and moved everyone in the audience to applaud her.

“This one’s for Paul.”

From this first official trailer alone, many fans and critics agree that Michelle Rodriguez was right — Furious 7 is definitely going to be “for Paul” and is completely different from any of the other Fast and Furious films that have come before it.

Last week, Michelle Rodriguez made headlines with her E! News interview on the red carpet at the amFAR LA Inspiration Gala when she was asked to express how she thought Paul Walker would react to the first official Furious 7 trailer if he was still alive to see it. Her emotional response was beautifully detailed and sincere — especially when she stated that Paul would agree that this movie finally hit its mark and was “in the can.”

Do you agree with Michelle Rodriguez? What did you think about the Furious 7 trailer?

[Image Credit: Flicks and Bits and Fan Pop]