Turn Back Time With 3rd American Anti-Aging Conference

The 3rd American Anti-Aging Conference will be discussing how to turn back time with the latest research in anti-aging medicine.

The “lifestyle medicine” conference will take place in Dubai from November 14 to November 16. Some of the key topics will be physiological, genetic, and environmental factors in aging. Leading doctors and professionals in the scientific fields will introduce discussions about obesity, hormone balance, cellular aging, stress, sexual health, and other contributing body issues to the aging process.

A4M is the global non-profit medical education provider, and along with the American Academic of Anti-Aging Medicine, the event is aimed to be an international success. In 2012 and 2013, the American Anti-Aging Conference in Dubai sought breakthrough discoveries and research with positive reviews. This year’s theme is “Lifestyle Medicine,” focusing on more than the stereotypical beauty anti-aging notions.

Keynote speaker Dr. Thierry Hertoghe is one of the world’s most respected anti-aging experts. Internationally renowned, Hertoghe will be presenting on Centenarian’s psychological attitude to live longer. He will also cover hormone therapies, metabolism, and other anti-aging medicines. He is the president of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM). Along with Dr. Hertoghe, Dr. Jennifer Landa will present on women’s health issues, including alternative therapies and preventative research discoveries on anti-aging trends.

Some recent beauty tips that claim to turn back time are Stem99, a meristems-based chemical. It is one of the newest natural anti-age discoveries since Peptide99. With the ability to reduce wrinkles and boost collagen, this latest chemical drug may have the ability to provide DNA protection against oxidation and inflammation.

Surely some of the breaking news in beauty will be discussed and analyzed by the anti-aging experts. This may include Rapamycin, an anti-rejection drug for kidney transplants, which animal testing has shown can extend the life of female and male mice.

Aging is a hot topic from celebrities to the average person. People want to stay young and youthful-looking. The Huffington Post recently covered a beauty tips article for “5 Anti-Aging Steps to Take In Middle Age,” which noted whitening teeth and using serum.

The Inquisitr reported on Bill Maris, one of the minds behind Google Ventures’ “Calico project.” The company has taken on research investments to look into genetic indicators for diseases in old age, including Alzheimer’s. At times, it is easy to see anti-aging research and discoveries as limited to beauty lifestyle. However, it is clear that the 3rd American Anti-Aging Conference in Dubai is hoping to turn back the time for the greater good of health and medicine.

[Image courtesy of Mike Kemp for Getty Images/Huffington Post]