UFO Watches Over Colorado For Entire Past Month — Region Popular With UFOs Since 1700s [Videos]

A UFO in the form of a bright, white light has been hovering in the skies over southern Colorado, seemingly keeping watch on the residents there — since September 13. So far, no one in the region has come up with a good theory to explain the unsettling aerial object.

But the area, Colorado’s San Luis Valley, has been home to UFO sightings not just since September, but for the last 400 years, says a valley resident and UFO watcher.

“They’ve had documented UFO sightings in this area since the 1700s,” Judy Messoline, who operates the UFO Watchtower — an actual business dedicated to providing an ideal vantage point to view UFO — told local TV station 9News. “It’s been a strange, round, white light. It’s been seen since Sept. 13 between Antonito and DaVita and all the way to Crestone. No one can figure out what it is.”

In fact, says Messoline, the valley is not only the site of frequent UFO appearances, but has also been home to numerous other forms of paranormal phenomena, including unexplained cattle mutilations and mysterious lights in the sky, similar to the alleged UFO currently appearing to keeping tabs on the valley dwellers.

Messoline has published her autobiography, which she entitled, That Crazy Lady Down the Road.

But if she is crazy, she’s not the only crazy person in the area. Here is a video by another Valley resident, Christopher O’Brien, investigating the mysterious cattle mutilations in the region (WARNING: graphic images).

And here is a video taken by a group of San Luis Valley residents on October 3, showing a UFO flying in the skies over a home there.

But numerous online commenters say they have identified the UFOs over the San Luis Valley this time around as nothing but weather balloons, which due to their shiny coating, are frequently mistaken for unidentified aircraft — or spacecraft.

“Weather balloon. Mylar skin, reflecting off sun. Same shape and all… no reason to panic peeps,” noted one internet skeptic.

Another responded that the “weather balloon” explanation did not appear to fit all of the facts.

“Weather balloons dont dart around the sky. They dont illuminate at night. They did not have weather balloons in the 1700′s and military aircraft dont chase weather balloons,” that commenter posted.

Messoline dismisses the idea that the current UFO sightings are simply weather balloons as well.

“It’s simply too difficult to explain,” she said.