Scott Walker Renames “Holiday Tree” as “Christmas Tree”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is under hot water once again but this time it’s not for killing collective bargaining or messing further with unions but rather for the mundane reason that he renamed the state capitol’s “Holiday Tree” as a “Christmas Tree.”

The rechristening occurred in the Wisconsin state capitol of Rotunda where the large fern had been called a Christmas tree from 1916 to 1985 before a more politically correct name was given to the tree.

According to The Blaze the Governor didn’t make a big deal out of the switch when in a press release he simple invited Wisconsin residents to come out and help “decorate the Capitol Christmas Tree.”

Speaking about why the name change occurred a spokesperson for the Governor’s office said:

“It’s a Christmas tree … In all honesty, I don’t know what more to say about it.”

Immediately following the announcement the Freedom From Religion Foundation released their own statement:

“The reason that it was turned into a holiday tree was to avoid this connotation that the governor chooses one religion over another,” and “It’s essentially a discourtesy by the governor to announce that. He intends that to be a slight and a snub to non-Christians, otherwise he would not do it.”

In the meantime the name “Christmas Tree” is remaining in place and since we already know that Scott Walker is not afraid to make controversial decisions and then stick to his guns I doubt the name will be changing anytime in the near future.

Do you care what they call the tree? I can’t help but think of every decorated tree I see during November and December as “Christmas Trees” and I’m not a religious person.