November 2, 2014
Russell Brand, A Victim of Media Bias?

Russell Brand has recently posted a video on his YouTube channel, speculating that politicians, big business and mainstream media all conspire and distract in order to support each other.

In the video, Brand, an avid campaigner for bringing to light certain 'hidden truths' for the masses, stated that his book, Revolution, is being unfairly targeted and misquoted. The book, according to Brand, is about a need for change in society and giving human beings more of a say in their lives.

Speaking last week on Start the Week, a British radio show, Brand stated, "When I talk about revolution, democracy is the main thing I'm arguing for."

Explaining further that his lack of interest in voting is basically because what he'd be doing is lending his voice to a cause that does not allow for change or growth, but to "sit down, shut up, this is as good as it's going to get."

"When people are coating me off for saying 'don't vote', they always forget what I actually said. The reason I've not voted, (like) for a lot of people in this country, I don't see who I am supposed to vote for: Ed Miliband, Clegg, that racist geezer, Cameron – the sort-of-like marginally less racist," said Brand.

"They all come from the same schools; they all come from the same background. If these people are our leaders, if Parliamentary democracy is going to be something that engages us ordinary people then it has to represent us."

Critics of Brand's book seem to mostly attack his character – referring to him as a comedian, a once-upon-a-time drug addict, a multi-millionaire looking for attention, and alluding that there is no evidence to back up any of his statements. Most, if not all, mainstream coverage of Brand and his book is about putting him down as a person and discrediting him – at no time, it seemed, someone thought to look at the issues Brand attempted to bring to light – issues that are currently affecting so many people.

Most of us are very much aware that politicians lie – there are countless quips floating around on the topic – why then is Russell Brand being labeled as an idiot for calling BS on certain political structures? Of course, there is absolutely no reason to listen to any of his opinions – like him, we're all entitled to form our own – but why the brutal personal attacks on this man?

Yes, Brand's a multi-millionaire comedian, and yes, sometimes he says certain things that should probably not be said aloud... But maybe it's time to look beyond the person and have a closer look at some of what is being said.

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