13-Year-Old Father: Two Years After DNA Evidence, Mom Says Boy Is Still A Virgin [Video]

A story about an alleged 13-year-old father who was hit with a stinging reality after a DNA test was run, has renewed public interest years later. It involves the story of Alfie Patten, who learned he wasn’t the father of a baby he forged an instant bond with.

The Mirror re-published its report about Alfie in late October. It was originally reported in April 2011 — two years after the 2009 DNA test proved he wasn’t the father of baby Maisie Roxanne. The mother, Chantelle Stedman, gave birth to her when she was 15.

When a DNA test was done, it showed 15-year-old Kyle Barker was the baby’s father.

Fast-forward two years later, and Alfie’s mother, Nicola, says in an interview that her son was still a virgin. He was exploited for being “Britain’s youngest dad,” but he wasn’t after all. Amid all the buzz, Alfie’s mother was known as the U.K.’s worst parent in the scandal.

Nicola said in her interview that it took a lot of time for the family to get back to normal after the youngest father saga.

“Alfie was and still is a virgin. And the good news is he wants to stay that way until he’s at least 18,” Nicola said of Alfie in 2011.

No updates on this now 18-year-old boy has come to light. A report the Inquisitr wrote on last week covers the beginning of this story.

Nicola, mom to four children total, had left Alfie’s father, Dennis. She shed a bit of light on the whole thing.

“Alfie truly believed he was a dad. I asked him repeatedly if he was sure about this. Was he certain he had lost his virginity and could be the father of a child?

“But he assured me he was and said he was going to be a really good dad. Alfie had made himself believe he was a dad.

“Perhaps we should have forced the truth out sooner.

“Lots of people thought he wasn’t the father, in my family ­anyway, but Dennis took over and I didn’t do anything to stop it. I didn’t know how to.

“At the time Dennis told the media that he was surprised as he thought a boy of Alfie’s age wasn’t capable of conceiving.

“I was fuming. People said we lived on some scummy estate. I’ve got nothing against council ­estates. I grew up on one.

“But Alfie wasn’t a tearaway from a broken home. We were a nice family.

“We had a lovely ­four-bedroom home down a pretty private road in a town by the sea. He was the baby of the family.”

Taking a look back on everything in 2009, Nicola said that Alfie’s voice hadn’t “broken” yet and he was barely over 4-feet tall when all of this came about. She was shocked when he told her he was going to be a dad. She spent lots of money to get a nursery ready after she faced the reality that her 13-year-old son was going to become a father.

Nicola said whenever she tried talking to Alfie about exactly what occurred with Chantelle, he would “clam up.” Alfie said in the interview that he was “confused.”

Alfie Patten was in the news everywhere around Britain, his mother recalls.

“Suddenly Alfie’s name was being thrown about in Parliament and on the 10 o’clock news. We were portrayed as a bad family from the wrong side of town.

“We were treated like ­something off TV show Shameless. It was terrible. Alfie’s a good boy and I was too scared to go out.

“Hundreds of Facebook friend requests and messages clogged his inbox. He was even asked for his autograph at McDonald’s.”

Alfie was disappointed to learn he wasn’t Maisie’s father after DNA results came back, but says family and friends helped him “move on.”

“I suppose if you want something that badly you make yourself ­believe it’s true,” the 15-year-old said.

Nicola said when Alfie learned he wasn’t the baby’s father, he was “absolutely hysterical,” running out of the room crying. He was “absolutely devastated” to learn someone else was the infant’s father.

“And that was it. We’ve never spoken about it again. I was angry and upset for him,” Nicola said. “It was a lot to deal with for an adult, let alone someone his age. But he dealt with it brilliantly.”

Nicola wanted people to know that the publicity had nothing to do with money. She was jobless when it all happened, and claims it was Alfie’s father who went to the press about their son allegedly fathering a child at the age of 13. She said one thing she’s thankful for in that regard is that the DNA test proved who the real dad of the baby was. She said it was a “big bombshell,” however.

Alfie with Maisie in 2009 after her birth.

Alfie’s mother made note of one thing whenever young fathers are in U.K. news.

“Now as soon as an ­underage girl gets pregnant, or the Government talks about sex education, Alfie’s picture is in the papers.”

She went on to say that he’s been publicly mocked as the poster child for sex education and kids being parents at a young age. It went a bit far when Alfie’s face was pictured on condoms on the internet.

“He shrugs it off but it is very upsetting,” Nicola said of Alfie’s response to such satire.

Alfie was asked in the interview if he’s had a girlfriend since the “13-year-old father” scandal broke.

“No, not since two years ago,” he told them.

He said there’s “just no one I like.” When he was asked if he’d like to be a dad in the future someday, he answered, “Maybe.”

The boy was thinking about a career path in sports, mechanics, or signing up with the military.

Nicola defines her son as an average teenager with brothers and sisters in a loving home. She feared what his future girlfriend’s parents will think of him in his next relationship, and worried about what others would say when he tries getting a job. She said it all comes down to the fact that Alfie “was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“I don’t want a girl to be ashamed to take him home to meet her parents because they’ll think he was the one who got a girl ­pregnant when he was 12.

“Or for him to be turned down for jobs because employers think he’s that lad they read about.

“I’m more worried about the parents than the job, though.”

The video above is from The Sun and shows Alfie holding newborn Maisie before the 13-year-old learned he wasn’t her father.