Let It Go: Grown Women Brawl Over 'Frozen' Items

Let it go, or let the pressure of the Christmas shopping season get to you a little early.

The stress got to grown women who practically ransacked a new store for popular Disney merchandise before Christmas arrives.

A brawl over Disney's hit movie Frozen merchandise ensued when a new store, Poundworld, opened on Wednesday in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

More than 2,000 people showed up to grab their favorite items, which were limited to 50 items per customer, according to WalesOnline.

Frozen merchandise sold out in about 40 minutes, leaving desperate people scrounging for leftovers and even fighting over the coveted toys and other collectibles. No one could just let it go and walk away until the very last Frozen lip balms, stationary, and piggy banks were completely gone.

Luckily, no one was arrested and police were not called to the store. Poundworld manager Duncan Tiller was amazed at the turnout and the frenzy over Frozen items.

"Our Disney 'Frozen' range has gone down amazingly well, customers can't get enough of it. I've seen baskets piled high with 'Frozen' stuff and I've even seen grown women fighting over it. We were totally cleaned out of everything in less than 40 minutes but thankfully we've got more stock arriving every day."

People showed up early and stood in line for hours to take advantage of the opportunity to grab this year's must-have holiday gifts before they were all gone.

According to the Mirror, Olaf the Snowman character from Frozen was available to meet shoppers until Sunday.

Olaf was ready to greet excited customers at the opening of a new store in Wales.

People were feeling the pressure everywhere after a shortage of the movie merchandise forced gift-givers and Frozen fans to have to let their gift plans go and wait for more items to be produced.

According to Today, Frozen was not expected to be such a hit. It became the most successful animated movie of all time, and children could not get enough of the movie's characters and merchandise.

Last April, Disney Stores restricted customers to a two-item limit on Frozen items.

Luckily for many parents gearing up for the holidays, suppliers are starting to catch up to the demand.

It seems as though there is hope for many Frozen-obsessed children to receive their favorite Disney items this holiday season, and some parents are hoping their kids can truly "let it go" after they get their fill of Frozen this year.

[Images via Wales Online/Disney and Disney/MARIKA]