Amanda Bynes Conservatorship Back On Despite Twitter Tirade

Amanda Bynes wants the public to know she’s doing just fine, all evidence to the contrary. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bynes returned to Twitter after a five month absence to lash out at her parents and Sam Lufti. Lufti was a close friend of Bynes’ who collaborated with Rick and Lynn Bynes to have Amanda forcibly admitted to a psychiatric facility.

Bynes may have intended to attend the court hearing, but she never did. According to Radar Online, the judge overseeing Amanda Bynes’ conservatorship ruled that her mother will control her affairs until at least 2015. While an attorney representing Amanda Bynes did go to court on her behalf, he was not allowed to attend the 30 minute meeting in chambers. When the meeting ended, the unnamed attorney was told his services weren’t required, because under the terms of the conservatorship, Amanda Bynes isn’t considered to have the mental capacity to hire anyone to represent her or replace the attorney already appointed for her by the court.

Most shockingly, while her parents attended the meeting, Amanda Bynes was nowhere to be found. During the tirade, Bynes attributed her worn appearance of late to surgery to remove micro cysts from underneath her eyes. TMZ reported that following her discharge from the psychiatric facility on Thursday, and mere hours before her Twitter tirade, Bynes went to a Mel’s Diner on the Sunset Strip. Bynes ordered several entrees and told her waitress that she’d recently had surgery. It’s difficult to tell from the photographs whether or not Bynes is telling the truth, because despite the fact that it was dark and Bynes was in a restaurant, she never removed her large sunglasses.

Bynes insists that she is a good student with plans to attend USC, one of the most prestigious schools in Los Angeles, and that the conservatorship and psychiatric hold were attempts by her parents and former friend Sam Lufti to steal her money. However, reports have emerged that Bynes may not have been as in control as she wants everyone to believe. The waitress who served Bynes described her behavior as not “with it” and reported hearing her mumble to herself.