Michael Jackson Accuser Tom Sneddon Dead At 73

Tom Sneddon, the prosecutor who tried to pin child molestation charges on Michael Jackson, has died at age 73.

Tom Sneddon died in a Santa Barbara, California, hospital on Saturday from cancer.

Michael Jackson was accused of allegedly giving a child wine, holding his family hostage at Neverland, and sexually assaulting the male child. Sneddon tried the case and failed in 2005, according to TMZ.

As reported by Showbiz Spy, Tom Sneddon oversaw the late 2003 raid at Neverland ranch to find key evidence against Jackson in the child molestation case.

It was not the first time in which Sneddon tried to have Michael Jackson convicted of child molestation.

In 1993, Sneddon was convinced Michael Jackson molested a young child. After the alleged victim and his family refused to cooperate with the prosecutor, Michael Jackson paid the family around $20 million and the case was ended.

Sneddon served Santa Barbara County as a district attorney for more than 25 years. It is estimated he spent more than $3 million pursuing evidence to convict Michael Jackson of child abuse allegations.

After the 2005 trial, in which he was found not guilty of 10 felonies, Michael Jackson vowed to never return to Neverland ranch.

Michael Jackson trial

Despite the outcomes of his pursuits for evidence against the King of Pop, Sneddon fiercely believed Michael Jackson was a child predator.

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