Jake Gyllenhaal Deals With ‘Absurd’ Taylor Swift Questions

Jake Gyllenhaal Taylor Swift

Jake Gyllenhaal is known as one of this generation’s most accomplished serious actors, so when he hit the red carpet to promote his new hit Nightcrawler, he didn’t exactly want to deal with “absurd” Taylor Swift questions from journalists.

If you blinked and missed it, Jake Gyllenhaal dated singer Taylor Swift for a few months in 2010. Swift wrote a few songs about her heartbreak from Gyllenhaal on her album Red, which sold a ton of copies. More publicity surrounded Swift’s heartbreak over Gyllenhaal than their actual relationship.

As it just so happens at the same time Gyllenhaal is promoting Nightcrawler, Swift is promoting her new album 1989, which probably won’t have any ode to Gyllenhaal songs, but apparently this has given some journalists enough cause to ask Jake about his relationship with Taylor Swift.

According to the New York Daily News, Gyllenhaal wasn’t having it at the New York premiere of Nightcrawler.

When asked if he had picked up on any subtle references in Taylor’s newest album, he immediately snapped, “Your questions are absurd.”

According to the report, his publicist let out an exaggerated gasp and moved Jake on to the next reporter.

According to WWD, “A few feet down, another reporter brought up Taylor Swift, who had released her poppy new album ‘1989,’ earlier that day. The actor bristled, staring blankly at the reporter for a moment before sidestepping to the next one.”

Later, Gyllenhaal expressed his thoughts on where morals should come in for journalists, in reference to his new film Nightcrawler, where he plays a video journalist that goes over the line many times.

“It’s always the question: journalistic integrity, journalistic responsibility, telling a story. How do you tell your story truthfully, honestly, in detail, and when do you intervene?”

Although he had to deal with absurd questions about Taylor Swift, it seemed like he had a good time at the premiere. Jake posed on the red carpet with Beyonce and Jay Z and was in good spirits.

During a recent Reddit AMA, Gyllenhaal was asked if his celebrity status impacts his sense of humanity. For that the actor had an interesting answer.

“What I’ve realized is that there’s a real intimacy being in a movie theater with someone in the dark. And I have connections with people whom I see in that context, and the movies that they are in really move me”.

He continued, “But I think it’s really important to see that STORY is the most important thing. Ultimately it’s not the person, but the story that has the greatest impact, and so I always find it fascinating being the face of the story. Because I think all the feelings that come with the story get put on the actor. And it really has to do with many, many people’s work who created what you’re seeing. So it’s a great irony.”

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