Youngest Beauty Pageant Contestant: Mom Sends Ultrasound Images To Competition, Daughter Accepted

Luna Collins is a 6-week-old baby who’s Britain’s youngest beauty pageant contestant. She’s probably the world’s youngest pageant entrant at that. When her mother, Amanda Collins, saw her ultrasound images at 20 weeks, she saw what a beautiful girl she was carrying and thought she should be in one of the U.K.’s most prestigious beauty contests.

Evidently, pageant officials saw the same thing in Luna that her mother did because she was named runner-up in the U.K. Princess and Prince International Beauty Pageant. The competition is open to children from birth to age 18.

Twenty-eight-year-old Amanda of Irvine, North Ayrshire, recalls making the decision to enter her daughter in a beauty contest.

“As soon as I saw her image on the screen at my antenatal session I knew she was a stunner.”

Amanda says judges loved the ultrasound pictures and Luna’s entry was put in before she was born. It didn’t end there, however. Luna is also the runner-up in the Miss Dreams U.K. contest

Sonogram image of Luna Collins at 20 weeks.

The Daily Mail reports that organizers immediately accepted the sonogram photos and entered her into the competition. The last girl holding the record for youngest pageant entrant was 23-month-old Eleanor June Rees-Sutherland — also in Britain — back in 2012. She was entered in same competition, Feature World reports. Bobbi Boyden is a pageant queen at 19-months-old and just received a massive amount of publicity for her Beyonce-inspired “twerking” routines on-stage at this year’s U.K. Princess and Prince International Beauty Pageant.

Amanda feels it won’t be long until her little girl is a threat to older Bobbi.

“Luna just beams at the judges and loves all the attention.

“All she has to do is lie in my arms and smile as I stroll down the catwalk. She’s enjoying every minute of it and so am I and that’s what really matters.”

Sara’s Stars Models & Talent Agency is Luna’s agent. Director Sara Collins tells the Daily Mail that there was good reason for allowing Luna into the pageant.

“I first met Amanda and Luna at the U.K. Prince & Princess International pageant – a charity pageant organized by Soraia Mateus. I was the compère, and was impressed by how smiley and content Luna was.

“Amanda applied to enter Luna before she was born. This is common practice for babies. Every parent believes their baby and child is the most beautiful, and wants to share that with everyone. Who doesn’t love a new born?

“Luna is already receiving inquiries via Sara’s Stars for modelling work. As a responsible model agency, it is my job to protect all my clients and refer them for suitable roles. Luna is a beautiful baby with a positive modelling future.”

What do you think of this baby being the youngest beauty pageant entrant?

[Image via Daily Mail]