Life On Mars? NASA Image Suggests Technology Exists On Mars

Images from NASA suggest that there may not only be life on Mars, but technology as well. Enigma Digest reports that the photo, taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover, shows an object with “precision craftsmanship” that may prove there is technology on second smallest planet in the solar system. The photo is clear in comparison to the countless photos of UFOs shared online, including a recent satellite image that was rumored to be an “Earth sized UFO” that passed by the sun.

A video posted on YouTube (above) shows what could be a valve that is similar to high pressure valves made on Earth, with Enigma Digest speculating that if the object was crafted on Mars, it could be a sign of intelligent design on the Red Planet.

“The objects precision craftsmanship are a clear sign of intelligent design. Of the many Mars Anomalies seen this one is simply fascinating. The only question one has after looking at it is how did it get there?”

The photo, reportedly taken near Mars’ Gale Crater, shows a rock fragment with a circular imprint with smooth, round edges with what appears to be rings and bolts. Enigma suggests that the imprint next to the smaller ring in the photo looks like design for a high pressure valve from years ago.

Despite speculation that the object could be a valve of some sort made on Mars, there are many who aren’t quite so sure. The Examiner reports that the circular imprint that is visible on rock fragments may be from an arm or hammer from a probe on NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover, comparing the imprint to parts of the rover shown on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory website.

Could it be that the photo is not of a high pressure valve made on Mars, but simply an impression from one of the parts on the Curiosity’s probe?

While many continue to believe that there could be life on Mars, anyone who thinks visiting the planet for an extended period of time would be an amazing experience may want to think twice about that. A recent study published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology states that humans would not live longer than 68 days on Mars, with oxygen levels starting to deplete after just two months.

[Images: NASA, Enigma]