Bag Of Cash Falls Out Of Armored Truck Which Motorists Whisk Away, Now Maryland Police Want The Money Back

If you spot money flying around on the highway, can you pick it up and treat it as yours? Motorists in Maryland may have to face this dilemma since the local police are urging them to return the money that accidentally fell from the back of an armored cash carrier.

Drivers on northbound Interstate 270 scrambled out of their cars to grab fistfuls of money after the door of a GardaWorld armored truck malfunctioned and a bag of cash fell out Friday morning. It happened during the rush-hour morning traffic slightly after 8 a.m. near Urbana, Maryland. When the bag fell, GardaWorld drivers quickly stopped the vehicle.

However, they informed the Maryland state police that numerous drivers immediately stopped on the highway and scrambled to pick up the cash. The mad dash to grab the money by the motorists lasted for a good 15 minutes until the fire department arrived. The officials immediately barricaded part of the highway, but the motorists immediately entered their vehicles and sped away, reported WTOP.

Despite the highway being closed for about 20 minutes while police, assisted by K9 dogs, were trying to recover the cash, they could only collect about $200. Incidentally, the total amount that was in the bag was not disclosed.

The police later released a statement about the incident reminding the motorists that the money they picked-up was no theirs and they should come forth to return it as soon as possible, reported Reuters. They even hinted prosecution to those who chose to keep mum and assume that the money for theirs to keep as in “Finders Keepers.”

If the investigation uncovers the identities of those who took the money on the highway, the people involved could face theft charges, police said. Maryland State Police have appealed to the people who took the money to turn it in at any nearby police station. However, they haven’t announced any incentive to come forth and deposit their suddenly-gained windfall.

Apparently, at least one person was honest enough to come forth and surrender the money. Appreciating the man’s honesty, Maryland State Police applauded the person on Twitter without naming him.

Though GardaWorld security is assessing the losses, it is a huge organization that ferries a lot of cash to and from banks and ATM machines. According to its website, GardaWorld transports more than $5 billion in cash every day.

Interestingly, this is a second incident of losing money for the company. In August this year, a driver for the company forgot a bag containing $21,000 in cash on the roof of the truck and drove away.

[Image Credit | GardaWorld]