Kendra Wilkinson Divorce Back On? Kendra Steps Out Sans Wedding Ring Despite Renewing Vows

Kendra Wilkinson might end up getting a divorce after all. According to Hollywood Life, the mother of two stepped out on Halloween without wearing her wedding ring… still. The former Playboy playmate hasn’t worn a ring since she flushed hers down the toilet after learning about her husband’s alleged affair. While one might think that Kendra doesn’t have a ring to wear, rumor has it that Hank Baskett bought her a new ring… and that he gave it to her when the couple renewed their wedding vows.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kendra and Hank renewed their wedding vows on Marriage Boot Camp. Hank had a ring made — a sort of replica of Kendra’s original wedding ring — and she said “yes” when he proposed for a second time. This squashed divorce rumors… so why isn’t Kendra wearing her new ring if she has decided to forgive Hank and move on?

Kendra Wilkinson’s decision to go out without her rings is a bit strange, given what people know of the recent developments in her marriage. Perhaps Kendra isn’t wearing the ring because the information about her renewing her vows was actually “leaked” so she can’t let people know what actually happened because of a contract she has with WE tv.

“In our opinion, it seems very odd that Kendra would still refuse to wear a ring, considering she renewed her vows,” says Hollywood Life.

People are definitely curious about the state of Kendra and Hank’s marriage… and things like this seem to complicate it even more. Based on a poll taken by HL, people are split when it comes to deciding what Kendra should do. About half of poll takers think Kendra should divorce Hank, while the other half think she should stay with him. What do you think?

Kendra Wilkinson had a ladies night on Halloween according to the Mail Online. She was dressed in a sort of 70s outfit complete with tight leather pants, a hot pink shirt, and a side ponytail. She showed off her post-baby figure, just five months after giving birth to her second baby, Alijah.

Hank supposedly cheated on his wife with a transsexual while Kendra was eight months pregnant. It’s unknown how many of the rumors are true, but the whole thing is currently playing out on television. You can watch the saga on Friday nights on WE tv. Kendra on Top has completely revolved around this marital drama, which started in June when news of the alleged affair made headlines.

[Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Gossip]