‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Emma’s Friend Lily Will Be Seen Again

Once Upon a Time‘s Emma Swan doesn’t just have trust issues because she was abandoned by her parents and put in prison by her ex-boyfriend. In last week’s Swan Queen-centric episode of Once, it was revealed that Emma once lost a very special friend because of lie — and of course that friend was a brunette girl who slightly resembled Regina (Nicole Munoz).

Emma’s teen pal was named Lily (short for Lilith), and her great betrayal was lying to Emma about being a foster child just like her. Emma turned her back on Lily after she discovered that the juvenile delinquent actually had a family. However, Lily was adopted, so she knew what it felt like not to know her real parents. She also said that she felt like an outsider, and showrunner Edward Kitsis recently hinted at why Lily feels special and different: she might share Emma’s magical abilities.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Kitsis revealed that Lily will appear on Once Upon a Time again. In “Breaking Glass,” Lily joked that the star scar on her wrist made her feel like Harry Potter, and this could be a big hint that she’s a magical being who will show up in Storybrooke someday. But who could she be?

Lily was adopted, so perhaps she was sent to the modern-day world through a magical portal when she was just a baby. The most likely candidate for her mother is Maleficent — the dark fairy possesses magical powers, and she’s going to show up during the second half of season 4. Perhaps an adult Lily will arrive in Storybrooke around the same time.

Lilith is the name of a female demon in Jewish folklore. The witch-like woman is said to possess women using mirrors, and she’s very powerful and dangerous. This is an interesting tidbit of info because this season is very connected to mirrors. Regina recently lost her Magic Mirror to the Snow Queen, and the icy sorceress is using shards of glass to create a new mirror that will supposedly help her acquire the thing that she desires most; a family. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland character Will Scarlet also has a connection to mirrors — he stole a looking glass from Maleficent, and he and Anastasia/the Red Queen used it to travel to Wonderland. Lily could be connected to these mirror stories somehow.

Speaking of Will Scarlet, Adam Horowitz shot down a popular fan theory that the events of Once Upon a Time are taking place prior to the events of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. This means that the Knave has already used the power of love to make the Red Queen change her evil ways, and obviously, he’s desperate to get back to her. Perhaps he was transported to Storybrooke because the Snow Queen is looking for the looking glass.

There’s also a possibility that Lily is somehow connected to the sorcerer’s hat in Mr. Gold’s possession — it’s covered with stars and she has a star scar on her wrist. One other theory is that Lily is Tiger Lily from Peter Pan and the star on her wrist represents Neverland.

Unfortunately, Once Upon a Time fans who are curious about Lily won’t get any answers about her during tonight’s episode of the show. In “Family Business,” Emma is still going to be busy searching for answers about the Snow Queen and why she erased her memory. The episode is also going to be loaded with Frozen flashbacks, including one that shows Belle encountering Anna.

Speaking of Belle, TV Line recently posted a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Once Upon a Time, and it shows Belle breaking Rumple’s heart. She’s desperate to find the Snow Queen, so she uses the Dark One’s dagger on her husband. It’s obvious that Belle feels guilty about something — perhaps she’s partly responsible for Elsa ending up trapped inside that urn or maybe she did something that put Anna in danger.

Which fairy tale character do you think Lily is connected to on Once Upon a Time?

[Image credit: ABC]