Chelsea Handler, Andre Balazs On the Outs

Talk show host and comedienne Chelsea Handler and hotelier and general rich dude Andre Balazs are no longer an item, it has been reported.

The two were seeing each other for about a year, but Handler kept the details to herself after previous high-profile flings with 50 Cent and Dave Salmoni. When she appeared on a cable news show back in May, she was quiet about the affair, Us reports:

In May, Handler told Piers Morgan Tonight about her relationship. “I’m seeing someone now, but, I have spent so much time exposing my personal life to everybody that I finally am in a situation where I feel like it’s disrespectful to another person,” she said of Balazs, who once dated Uma Thurman.

Handler says that she was keeping her cards close to her chest not necessarily because of Balazs, but out of deference to his kids. She explained:

“I’ve learned to respect somebody else’s privacy,… It’s not about me, because obviously I would like to make fun of him as much as possible, but he has kids, so I have to be nice.”

Handler did, however, indicate the romance was at least a semi-serious one:

When asked whether she was in love, she replied: “I have very strong feelings.”

Of course, the sharp-tongue comedienne is known for her cynicism when it comes to traditional relationships. Earlier this year she commented to the magazine Cosmopolitan:

“Weddings are annoying. The food sucks, and if neither person is willing to spring for an open bar, it’s a sure sign that the marriage itself is going to fail.”