Ninja Theory inviting Devil May Cry fans to playtest DMC

If you’re a big enough fan of the Devil May Cry series, you just may get the opportunity to playtest Ninja Theory’s DMC: Devil May Cry well in advance of the official release.

According to a post on NeoGAF, Ninja Theory recently sent out invites to “top end” Devil May Cry players, offering up fully paid travel costs to anyone willing to drop by Ninja Theory’s studio in the United Kingdom.

Considering that hardcore Devil May Cry fans haven’t been particularly pleased with Ninja Theory’s take on the universe, this sounds to me like a wise decision. I personally don’t have any issue with Dante’s new look, nor anything else about the game for that matter, but I could see why the more diehard Devil May Cry fans may take issue with all of the changes.

For my part, I’ve been playing Devil May Cry ever since it began, but I can’t say that I have any complaints about the direction Ninja Theory is taking the series with DMC: Devil May Cry. So long as the combat is fun and rewarding, it would be rather hard to make me unhappy.

What about you? Are you looking forward to DMC: Devil May Cry, or are you turned off by the new direction?

via NeoGAF