Niall Horan Scores A Date With ‘X Factor UK’ Contestant Lauren Platt

Niall Horan is currently busy promoting the One Direction autobiography Who We Are with his bandmates, but that doesn’t mean the singer isn’t looking for love.

Trying to maintain a healthy relationship when you’re in one of the biggest groups in the world is definitely a tall order. While the 1D boys have better luck than most — except Harry Styles, of course — Niall is still looking for that special someone. Horan may have found his match in X Factor UK contestant Lauren Platt.

Metro reports that the aspiring singer may have scored a date with Niall Horan. Although someone will accompany their pair when they decide to spend night on the town, the seeds of love could take root during their upcoming excursion. Niall hasn’t said anything about the situation as of this writing, but Platt seems to think it’s going to happen.

During a recent interview with OK! Magazine, the X Factor contestant discussed her recent encounter with heartthrobs Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. While the pair weren’t exactly “flirty,” that doesn’t necessarily mean something romantic won’t occur when the pair spend some quality time together in the near future.

“We met Louis (Tomlinson) and Niall (Horan) from One Direction but they weren’t flirty. In fact, I’ve got a link to Niall, so he knew who I was already. My best friend’s dad is One Direction’s photographer. I’ve got Niall’s number – I think me, him and my best friend are going to meet up.”

Niall and Lauren also exchanged a few tweets in recent days.

Of course, Horan does have a history of wooing the ladies, so it’s unclear how serious he is about this so-called “date.” In addition to scoring with Ellie Goulding, The Inquisitr previously reported that Niall has proposed marriage to no less than two major pop stars.

While they’re waiting to see what develops between Niall Horan and Lauren Platt, fans are no doubt looking forward to One Direction’s latest album, Four. The group’s latest collection of songs is presently slated to hit retail shelves on November 17, which is just in time for the holiday season.

Do you think love is blossoming between Niall Horan and Lauren Platt?

[Lead image via Noticias]