Man loses 200 pounds, wins bet

Jay Wornick of New York never thought that he can lose 200 pounds. A bet with his wife, however, urged him to shed the weight from 366 pounds to just 166 pounds.

The bet went like this: Wornick’s wife, Angela, challenged him last January 1 on who can lose the highest percentage of body weight with the loser having the winner’s name tattooed on his or her body.

In just a little more than 10 months, Wornick lost weight by cutting on eating big servings of steaks, lesser meat, switched to water than soda, and working out without any personal trainer. At the end of the first month, he lost 40 pounds. To compensate for the lack of trainer, he consulted the web for diet tips, including that of Dr. Oz.

Wornick recalled his old eating habits, saying:

“There were times when Angela would go to bed and I would get two large pizzas, a box of Ho Hos and a 12-pack of soda. I would eat it all by myself at like 1 in the morning after eating huge meals all day. She never knew.”

He issued a call to overweight people to change their lifestyle:

“I never thought I’d be able to stay with it, but I have not cheated in over 10 months, not once. I’ve turned it into my lifestyle. It’s not a diet. To me, it’s just how I live now. I want overweight people to know that there’s hope. You don’t have to give up or settle, you can be healthy and active. I know what you feel like.”

Angela will have Jay’s name tattooed on her back soon.