Ebola Scare: Gym Patrons Try To Kick Lawyer Out Of Gym Over Ebola Fears: Kaci Hickox, Attorney Norman Siegel

Prompted by the recent Ebola scare, freaked out patrons at a local gym tried desperately to have civil right attorney Norman Siegel kicked out of the gym because he is Kaci Hickox’s lawyer.

According to the latest report by Page Six, patrons at the Equinox Sports Club looked on in horror as Hickox’s attorney, Normal Siegel, attempted to enter the famous gym to work out. One patron stood up for Norman Siegel’s right to enter the gym without being harassed due to the erroneously-based fear that he could somehow spread the Ebola virus to the gym’s members while working out.

Unnamed sources say the scene went down this way.

At around 6:30 a.m., on Friday two gym members were engaged in a heated argument at the Equinox Sports Club located at 160 Columbus Ave in New York over whether Siegel should be let into the building. One gym member yelled out frantically that Siegel could sweat out the gym equipment, according to Page Six.

“They should ban Siegel! He’s with that Ebola nurse.() I’m going to tell the managers not to let Siegel in” because he could “sweat” on the workout equipment!”

The other patron responded to the angry gym member by unloading a series of F-bombs. The argument among the gym members became so rife with anger that the two almost came to physical blows. Sources say the Ebola-battling duo eventually went their separate ways.

But the incident left attorney Norman Siegel a little shaken. He later discussed the disturbing incident with the New York Post, stating that he hopes the patrons will understand that their fears are panic-based, and that he hopes that he can continue working out at the Equinox without any problems.

“I love working out and playing basketball [at Equinox], so I hope they don’t ban me. This is based on the fear and misinformation on how the disease is transmitted that I have been dealing with all week. If I knew who it was that said that, I’d want to sit down and have a coffee with him — or something stronger —and talk through this.”

Hailed as one of the best sports clubs in the city, the Equinox is a prestigious gym in the New York City-Upper West Side area that is known for its culturally rich, high-end clients, the beautiful views overlooking the NYC skyline, and its serene-like atmosphere, comparable to a sanctuary.

According to the Daily Mail, Kaci Hickox is a nurse who came under fire for defying an ordered quarantine after she returned to the United States from Africa. A judge recently ruled that Hickox is able to go where ever she chooses, since she is not showing signs of the Ebola virus.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]