Occupy March Planned From NYC to DC

Since the Occupy Wall Street protests began nearly two months ago in New York- spreading to several other cities in the US and across the world and sparking an intense amount of online attention and scrutiny- one of the main criticisms lobbed at protestors is that the location of the demonstrations do not factor in occupying government as well.

In fact, a bit of back and forth has ensued as to whether fault for the financial meltdown lies more appropriately with big business (for their role in creating and deepening the mortgage crisis) or big government (for allowing de-regulation in the first place, setting the stage for the wide-scale looting.) Perhaps those criticisms will be put to rest now with the announcement of plans for the group- or at least some of its members- to march from New York City to Washington DC ahead of a congressional vote to keep or repeal the Bush tax cuts.

The blog Zap2It indicates the group plans to leave November 9th and ideally arrive nearly two weeks later:

A small group of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have also said that starting Wednesday (Nov. 9), they will march from New York City to Washington D.C., hoping to arrive by Nov. 23, which is the deadline for the congressional committee to decide whether to keep President Obama’s extension of President Bush’s tax cuts… The march will be roughly 240 miles and will feature about a dozen protestors, but they hope to pick up other protestors along the way.

Organizer Kelly Brannon referred to ” historic relevance of such long-distance marches for social causes” when discussing the impetus behind the Occupy March.