Lindsay Lohan Being Sued For Stealing App Idea

Lindsay Lohan and her brother, Michael Jr., are being sued and have been ordered to stop development of their fashion app by a court order. The two have been working on development of an e-commerce app for fashion called Vigme, and an ex-business associate is claiming that they stole the idea from him. Fima Potik, the claimant, got a judge to issue a cease and desist order, and is aiming for $60 million in damages from Lindsay Lohan and her brother.

The app is a “virtual closet” called Vigme that is meant to create an online shopping venue for fashion. Potik claims that the two stole trade secrets from a collaboration with his online shopping company Spotted Friend, reports Fox News. The claim is that after they met and became friends, Potik gave a beta (testing) version of his app to the Lohans to try out. He says they used that to create Vigme.

According to Page Six, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Saliann Scarpulla has issued a restraining order on Lindsay Lohan and her brother to bar the siblings from launching, promoting, or marketing their app. Potik says that Vigme is a “virtual clone” of his app.

Page Six also reports that Potik has retained big name lawyers Kenneth David and Marc Kasowitz. The Lohans’ attorney, Ravi Batra, has countered claims from David that the restraining order is a “win,” saying it merely holds the status quo.

Potik claims to have texts from Lindsay Lohan’s brother to the effect that if he didn’t get a bigger cut of the Spotted Friend business, he’d go somewhere else. Potik says that he then sought other investors, and the Lohans stole his idea and hired developers to build their copycat. There has not been an explanation as to how he claims the $60 million in damages.

So far, neither Lindsay Lohan nor her lawyer have given a formal response to the allegations outside of the above short comment by Batra to Fox News. Batra also says that there is no case since Potik has no app to have been cloned.

Lindsay Lohan is currently starring in an English play Speed-the-Plow, which has eight showings a week through November 29, says the Mirror. She is reportedly drug-free and denies dating actor Tom Cruise, but has been posting topless selfies to social media, according to an Inquisitr report on Lindsay Lohan’s current status.