Christian Serratos Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Becomes Undead: See Her Shocking Transformation [Video]

Fans of The Walking Dead might be shocked to see how different Christian Serratos looks when she’s all made up to resemble one of the undead.

However, The Walking Dead actress isn’t becoming a walker anytime soon. Instead, Serratos is rocking sugar skull-inspired makeup and standing in a graveyard to help save animals.

All furry creatures might be potential meals on The Walking Dead, but Christian Serratos wants her fans to forgo meat. According to MStarz, Christian is a PETA poster girl in an ad with a Day of the Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos, theme.

Christian Serratos PETA Ad - Day Of The Dead

As you can see, the actress looks nothing like her Walking Dead character in the ad — Rosita Espinosa’s ponytail and baseball cap have been replaced with wavy blonde hair adorned with flowers. Serratos still rocks a sexy look, but she’s traded her titillating tomboy outfit for a corset and fishnets. Her ad asks her fans to become vegetarians because “factory farms are hell for animals.”

In a behind-the-scenes video for the PETA ad campaign, the actress talks about her decision to stop feasting on flesh. Christian also claims that there are benefits to becoming vegetarian.

“I just felt better and brighter and lighter, and I had more energy.”

Some fans of The Walking Dead might find it odd that Christian Serratos stars on a show that proves just how important animal meat can be. When the people at Terminus discover that they’re horrible at hunting animals, they start killing humans out of desperation. Gareth and his group eventually find out that this is a terrible survival plan when their potential meals fight back.

However, seeing what a lack of animal meat can do to people has actually turned another star of The Walking Dead into a vegetarian — you might be shocked to learn that Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus has sworn off meat. Perhaps his decision has something to do with seeing what life is like for people who are treated like cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

Reedus plays an expert squirrel hunter on The Walking Dead, but the popular actor actually blames the show for turning him into a reluctant vegetarian. According to MTV News, Norman told Guilty Pleasures Radio that the AMC series’ gruesome special effects have had an effect on his appetite.

“I’ve become a vegetarian and I’m kind of bummed about it.”

He’s not the only one who can’t stomach seeing fake entrails and rotting flesh falling off of bodies — a source has revealed that most of the meals served on the set of The Walking Dead are now meat-free.

“After watching Walkers realistically look as though they are consuming bloody human flesh or seeing heads and other body parts sliced off, no one was touching the red meat or even chicken that was on offer.”

It sounds like vegetarianism is spreading like the zombie plague on The Walking Dead set.

[Image credits: AMC, PETA]