Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Fire Ignited By Fireworks Display

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train caught fire at approximately 11:00 p.m. on Saturday evening. The blaze was filmed and photographed by several Disney World guests and shared via social media. Although the fire looked ominous, Disney representatives have confirmed the fire is out and nobody was injured in the incident.

CNN reports that the blaze was ignited during the Magic Kingdom Fireworks display. According to reports, hot embers from the display settled on the outer portion of the ride’s structure. Although the ride was occupied when the fire occurred, the passengers were evacuated without incident. As reported by Orlando Sentinel, the blaze was extinguished by the The Reedy Creek Fire Department.

A Walt Disney World spokesperson said the small fire “was contained on the outer part of the structure.” After the blaze was extinguished, the ride was inspected and deemed safe. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride has since reopened and is fully operational.

The ride, which is located in the New Fantasyland section of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, opened in late May.

While waiting in line, guests are treated to a stroll though a picturesque village, which includes several stone bridges and the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage. Guests also have a chance to meet Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, and Snow White.

After boarding the ride, guests are taken on an exciting journey through the Dwarfs’ gem mine. As discussed by Disney, the ride is family friendly. However, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train promises a wild ride.

“Feel a rush of excitement, and enchantment too, as you take off on this first-of-its-kind ride system: swinging up and down large lifts, cruising across sharp banks and swaying around exhilarating hairpin turns.”

Although the fire was frightening for the guests, it was extinguished before anyone was injured. According to reports, the outer structure suffered damage, but it was mainly cosmetic. The damage did not affect the ride’s track, mechanics, or the train.

Officials have reported the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train reopened at midnight without further incident.

[Image via Outpost Orlando]