League of Legends getting ranked teams, Summoner spell changes

Riot Games still isn’t ready to say just when season two is expected to start for League of Legends, but they are at least willing to talk about some of the changes we can expect to see when season two begins at some point.. soon, probably.

Over on the official League of Legends website, Riot games revealed that ranked games are going to be seeing a change with season two. Previously, if you ran ranked games with your pre-made team, you would be ranked at the end of each match individually rather than together. For season two, Riot Games will be introducing ranked teams for both 5v5 and 3v3.

A player’s team will have a team captain who has the ability to invite players to the team or remove them, Riot explains. Also, Riot revealed that players’ ELO ratings for the pre-made leaderboards will be reset in light of the change, but your solo rating will stay the same.

That’s not all of the changes Riot has in store for season two, however. They will also be removing two “underused” Summoner spells, Rally and Fortify. In their place will be Surge, which imbues your champion and nearby allies with a boost in “combat effectiveness”, and Promote will be making a comeback as well.

Rather than being able to target any minion and buffing them, Promote will only work on cannon mobs. The buff will improve the mob’s range, health, armor and magic resistance stats.

You can read more about the changes through here and here.

via Joystiq