‘Furious 7’ Cast Remembers Paul Walker On Unveil Of Film’s Trailer

The cast of the Fast & Furious film franchise came together for a memorial for actor Paul Walker, who died after finishing the Furious 7 film, the trailer for which was just released. Actor and friend Vin Diesel led the cast in a memorial of Walker Saturday as emotions ran high. Michelle Rodriguez and other stars were at the Universal Studios in Hollywood to debut the trailer for Furious 7, which contained several scenes starring Paul Walker in his last-to-be-released role before his untimely death in a car accident.

The Furious 7 trailer, embedded below, was shown on the Inquisitr shortly after its public release. That article opined about replacements for Paul Walker should the film franchise continue.

The trailer premier was hosted by Terrence Jenkins and Maria Menounos, and was aired on the E! Online livestream as well as the E! network. E! Online reports that the emotional get-together of the family of the Fast & Furious franchise, which did not include wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson (aka “The Rock”) for scheduling reasons, also featured Jason Statham, who joined Furious 7 to play the villain. The new film will release on April 4, 2015.

On November 30, 2013, Paul Walker died in a car wreck in Los Angeles. Some scenes for Furious 7 had not been completed, so Paul Walker’s brothers stepped in to help finish those scenes as body doubles for their deceased brother, reports Car News Cafe.

The film’s trailer features most of the Furious 7 cast, including Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in an action-packed introduction to the movie. Variety says that the film, directed by James Wan, will also feature appearances by Kurt Russell, Ludacris, and others.

The crew, remembering Paul Walker at the trailer’s debut, fondly recalled the late actor as an important part of their family which was created by the recurring films. They recounted how they met with one another after Walker’s death to talk and reminisce in order to get through the loss. Vin Diesel recalled visiting with fans at Paul’s memorial site at the scene of the crash and how many people there were who loved the actor.

“And it’s touching because, you know, again, we lost such a special person, a special angel.”

As for the franchise, no one commented on whether it would continue without Paul Walker. It’s likely that it will, given the success thus far, but nothing is certain. What we do know is that Paul Walker will live on in the films which are certain to become classics fans remember for a long time to come.