NCAA: Indiana State Pulls Off Incredible Trick Play On Kickoff To Win Game [Video]

trick play on kickoff

It was one of those plays that if there wasn’t video, no one would believe that it happened. The Indiana State Sycamores were down by one point to Missouri State in a heated Missouri Valley Football Conference battle on Saturday afternoon, with only 42 seconds left in the game. The Bears had just marched down the field to take the lead 18-17 at Memorial Stadium in Terre Haute, Indiana, leaving very little time for the home team Sycamores to score. On the ensuing kickoff, Indiana State dug into the bag of tricks and found a trick play that had to be seen to be believed.

As explained by Yahoo! Sports, after the Bears squib kicked the ball, a term used for a low kick usually on the ground meant for a down lineman to cover to minimize any return, Sycamore running back Dimitri Taylor picked up the ball on the Bears’ 28 yard line. The Indiana State return team then went into a huddle in the middle of the field as the play went on, then when the huddle broke, the Missouri State special teams players had no idea who had the ball. Even the camera man in the video was fooled. By the time the defenders realized where the ball was, Sycamore Aaron Killebrew had scrambled 32 yards to the Missouri State 38 yard line, putting the Sycamores into field goal range (albeit long range) with time to run a play or two to set up the game winning 38 yard field goal from the Bears’ 20 yard line.

The trick play was so flawlessly executed that it looked to have been coached, but what kind of coach teaches what looked like a busted play? Regardless if it was a planned play or not, Indiana State’s trick play on the kickoff will go down with Cal vs. Stanford as one of the best kickoff plays to win a game ever. Okay, maybe not that level of game changing, but still cool nonetheless.

Indiana State, which the Inquisitr recently reported had a shooting occur on campus, improves to 6-3 on the season and is ranked no. 22 in the National Football Championship Series (FCS) poll.

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